Does Your Wife Have Too Many Shoes?


She says there’s no such thing as too many shoes **

Welcome to Tidy Husband. This was her idea, but what better way to communicate with family and friends and get to write more then a small facebook status update.

My job is just this. I create websites that look just like this where I recommend products you can buy and in return, you help me earn a small living so that I can stay home and clean the bathroom and walk the dog and cut the grass. I really don’t know how you guys with day jobs do it, as I can easily entertain myself with writing and cleaning.

To be honest, I have no idea what direction this little blog will take. My sister called me the other day and she asked what’s new and I said ‘nothing’. But in reality, lots have happend - I cut the grass on a riding lawnmower for the first time ever, the dog is becoming better behaved (and fatter)  and her workload is easing up. All good things and all things that matter to us.

I may have said that nothing  really happend - but indeed it did, and  I need a place to write it all down before I forget it all. I’m just someone trying to get the best out of life and a story needs to be told.  I hope to also improve my photography skills too at the same time.

I hope you’ll follow along.

Oh, I think she has too many shoes. She doesn’t seem to think so, and an informal facebook poll revealed that every woman that saw this photo liked it and suggested more shoes! she needs more shoes! What about you  - opinions?