Do I Have To Buy Memory RAM From Apple?

Goodness Gracious, No.

Unless you have money to burn, I suggest you buy memory for any Apple computer from **anywhere but Apple. **

There was a time when yes, you did have to buy Apple specific ram, but that was, oh, in the late ’90’s and for the last decade or so you don’t need to buy Apple branded memory and as long as the ram for your Apple computer meets Apple’s specific requirements – you’re good to go with a few caveats.

Low Price Apple RAM

Depending on where or whom you end up buying Apple RAM from, you could either get the best deal on memory or the biggest headache going, and it all comes down to pretty much one thing and that’s customer service. If you’re not buying RAM from Apple and want to save money on RAM you’re probably looking at buying generic memory upgrades which tend to be the lowest priced memory you can buy today, and as long as the technical specs are OK with the technical specifications for memory as outlined in your Apple’s manual, you’re good to go and can buy the cheap ram.

Where you might get into trouble when buying ram from third party memory stores is when it comes down to what store or memory reseller you buy memory  from, so to help you with a choice on where to buy ram  from vendors you can trust, I created a list of the best memory stores that I would deal with happily (and have).

As long as you stick to the stores on the list, (ram prices are here), you’ll be just fine and  you can get the best price on RAM upgrades for Apple, and pay far less than what Apple would charge you for the same ram upgrades.

A bit more expensive, but still cheaper than Apple when it comes to memory upgrades.

If the thought of buying RAM from the stores I  list give you the heebie jeebies, but you still want to save money but don’t mind paying for a better quality product than generic memory can offer, you would be worse  off than to buy either Kingston RAM or Crucial Memory –  two name brand manufacturers that not  only make the ram , but sell and support the Apple memory upgrades you buy too.

Name brand RAM is still cheaper than what Apple charges, and yet you will get a high quality memory product that’s priced far, far less than what Apple charges.