Dell Netbook Laptop Notebook RAM Memory

To date, I’ve written a lot about Apple Memory as I’m drinking the Apple kool aid and never could get my mind around the windows thing, although lots have and this is not to fault them. This is not a Mac vs PC rant . Whatever works for you, works.


Cheapest Dell NoteBook

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Right, memory. Regardless of what hardware you have such as HP Dell Apple and Sony to name a few computer manufacturers you’ll do yourself a big favor if you upgrade the ram and memory in your computer. RAM allows your OS to breath if you will. Rather than have to access data from your hard drive, which is slower – RAM can be bought and installed in your dell computer which will allow the often needed data to be stored and accessed quickly and when needed.

Let’s help you get the right memory for your Dell Computer, shall we?

**Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 Memory


The Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 comes standard from dell with 1GB of RAM but can be expanded to 2GB by replacing the factory installed 1GB PC2-4200 sodimm and replacing it with a bigger 2GB memory upgrade

Dell Inspiron M101z Memory

The Dell Inspiron M101z ships from Dell with 2GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM but you can and should increase the ram to 8GB of RAM. To do this, replace the 2x1GB memory chips and replace thew with 2x4GB memory upgrades for Dell M101z

Dell Inspiron 15 Memory

The Dell Inspiron 15 (1545) ships from Dell with 1GB of RAM so a 4GB RAM upgrade to the maximum is reccommended for maximum Inspiron 15 performance.

Dell Inspiron 14 Memory

The Dell Inspiron 14 (1440) offers 2GB of RAM standard from the factory and can be upgraded to 4GB of DDR3 1066 sodimms

Dell Inspiron 14R Memory

The Dell Inspiron 14R starts at 2GB of RAM as standard memory configuration and can be upgraded to 8GB of ram using ddr3 1066 SDRAM sodimms. To upgrade to 8GB of RAM you would replace the two 1GB RAM memory modules with larger 4gb RAM for Dell Inspiron 14R.

Dell Inspiron 15R Memory

The Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop starts from the dell factory shipped with 3GB of DDR3 but can be upgraded by installing 4GB x 2 memory upgrades for Dell Inspiron 15R

Dell Inspiron 17R Memory

The Dell Inspiron 17R notebook, or laptop comes from dell with 3GB DDR sdram sodimms installed but you can remove these and install 2x4GB DDR 1066 memory for much greater performance for your new dell. You can install up to 8GB of memory into the Dell Inspiron 17R notebook

Dell Studio 15R Memory

The Dell Studio 15R ships with just 2GB of RAM for operating with, which is too little, I think. You’re much better off upgrading the Studio 15R from dell to the maximum 4GB of RAM by installing 2x2GB PC2-6400 sodimms.

Dell Studio 17 Memory

Dell Studio 17 (1749) is desktop replacement computer for some so it makes the most sense to upgrade the memory on this big screen beauty and it will take up to 8GB of RAM for better performance. Install 2x4GB DDR3 1066 SDRAM sodimms and you’ll never want for more memory again.

Alienware M11x Memory

The Alienware M11x will accept up to 8GB of RAM and you can buy memory for Alienware M11x pretty cheap by adding 2x4GB DDR3 1066MHz for maximum memory performance from your alienware notebook or laptop

**Alienware M15x Memory


The Alienware M15x accepts up to 8GB of memory by replacing the 3GB of RAM it ships with and upgrading to a much more useable 8GB of RAM for Alienware M15X by replacing the memory with 4GB DDR3 sodimms

Alienware M17x Memory

The Alienware M17x also runs better with 8GB of RAM when you replace the 4GB that came standard. Install DDR3 1066 4GB x 2 and watch your Alienware run at blazing fast speeds.

And there you have it. Dell memory upgrades for the most current notebooks, netbooks and laptops currently on sale by Dell.