Dell Inspiron 17R 2nd Generation Laptop Memory Upgrades Review

Dell Inspiron 17R 2nd Generation Memory Upgrades

The** Dell Inspiron 17R 2nd Generation starts at just $599 when you buy direct from Dell,** and yet for  some reason it’s priced much  higher at Amazon where you can still buy a Dell 17inch Inspiron but it will cost you either $200 or $100 more

Best RAM for Dell Inspiron

Inspiron 17R 2nd Gen Review

The second generation of Dells use either intel i3, Intel i5, or Intel i7 processors and depending on what processor you chose when configuring your big screen notebook, the cost may be higher than the  $599 price advertised **when you buy from Dell directly as this model features **second generation i3 processors which aren’t the fastest processor intel makes but is perfect for light computing duty such as email or web browsing. But if you’re working with a 17 inch notebook there’s a good chance you you’ll be working with audio, video or other processor heavy tasks that require more speed and more importantly, more RAM.Deal on Dell Inspiron 17R

Out of the box, the cheapest 17 inch Dell notebook uses DDR3 1333Mhz SDRAM sodimms that out of the box ships with 4GB of memory uprades already installed, which in mid-2011 is a useable amount  of RAM and for some who’s main computing task is facebook the 4GB DDR3 just might do you fine without any need to buy Dell memory upgrades for this 17 inch notebook aimed at the home and  home office market

But as I mentioned when I wrote about the smaller version of this dell inspiron model – the Dell Inspiron 15R 2nd generation notebook, and especially if you’ve got the big screen Dell, you’re either gaming or doing serious work on this Dell computer and **you’re going to need as much RAM as possible **to max out the Dell Inspiron 17R with RAM upgrades for a computer that could see a 50% speed increase all by adding $100 (much less actually) of RAM.

To max out the RAM on the Dell Inspiron 17R **you need to remove the factory RAM (which you can sell online for  even more savings on memory. Try craigslist or eBay for selling you  factory installed Dell memory upgrades) and install bigger ram modules. Depending on your ram configuration, you could see either **2x2GB memory upgrades in your Dell, or in some cases 1x2GB and 1x4GB ram upgrades. If you bought a Dell Inspiron 17R second generation you can stop reading now as you now have the fastest Dell notebook (or at least all the RAM the Dell can handle). For the rest of you, keep reading:

Dell Inspiron 17R 2nd generation memory  upgrade installation

Upgrading the ram on this big screen beauty from Dell couldn’t be easier. Flip  the notebook over, remove the battery and be sure you’re free of any static electricity as static is a RAM killer. You’re dealing with a very expensive piece of electronics here, and  installing Dell memory is easy but you do need to be sure you’re installing  RAM so you don’t fry your Dell or void the warranty. If you have any apprehension about installing the memory yourself you should take your Dell and your RAM to an authorized service center for Dell. Best Buy might be one place you can take your Dell for ram installation services.

But you really shouldn’t have to take the Dell anywhere to get RAM installed. With the battery out, and you static free, you remove the bottom plastic cover that hides the ram upgrade slots, which are easily accessible and within reach for  any easy RAM upgrade, and assuming you already have the new RAM in hand should only take you five minutes. On each end of the ram module are little plastic clips that when you pull them apart and away from RAM upgrade, allows the memory module to pop up in the memory slot at a 45 degree angle, which allows you to remove the factory RAM from the ram upgrade slot on the Dell Inspiron 17R.  Then you just repeat for the second memory module.

Once you have the RAM out of the Dell Inspiron 17r you can install the new RAM you bought, which is 4GB DDR3 SDRAM SODIMMS. This RAM upgrade is  sold in 8GB DDR3 memory upgrade Kits which is easier to buy than individual ram upgrades and you usually get a small discount on the memory upgrade kits instead  of buying the RAM upgrades individually. The new RAM has a slot on it so you really can’t mess up the Dell memory upgrade installation, as long as you take caution with static electricity. Just seat the bigger RAM for Dell in the new ram sockets and when seated, the  RAM module should click into place using those two little tabs, screw the plastic cover back onto the bottom of your Dell Inspiron 17R 2nd Generation and replace the battery. Flip the Dell over, and  you’re done.

One thing  I should note is that any** RAM install should be done on a clean, dry and preferably soft surface** (a towel works great  so you don’t scratch the laptop  lid).

Best Prices and Deals for Dell Inspiron 17R 2nd Generation Notebook Computers

This is the one time where I suggest you buy this model of Dell notebook directly from Dell, as opposed to say, Amazon which does have deals and best prices on other 17 inch notebooks but if you’re in the market for this particular  Dell model, your best bet is probably  to buy  the Dell Directly. As I write this, Dell has a 12 day summer sale going on which might get you an even better price on an everyday 17 inch notebook from Dell if you’re lucky.