Dell Computer Memory Upgrades for 2011 Dell Home and Home Office NoteBook Computers

Dell Inspiron Laptop Memory and  RAM Upgrades

Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible Tablet Memory Upgrades

Dubbed as the new convertible, the Dell Inspiron Convertible Tablet PC converts from being both an easy to use touch based  tablet to a more conventional notebook PC all with a twist of the LCD display. Rotate the display  depending on your computing needs. Never have to ask yourself which notebook you should buy or which tablet to buy because this stylish device satisfies both your notebook PC and tablet needs in an all in one design eliminating the need to buy or worse, carry two devices for your portable computing needs.

The memory upgrade options are rather limited for this unique and portable netbook but you can, and should max out the Dell Inspiron Duo to the maximum memory of 2GB by uprading the one memory upgrade slot with a 2GB DDR3 1333Mhz sodimm ram upgrade for the Dell Inspiron Duo

Dell Inspiron R Laptops

Unlike the Duo netbook or tablet above, the Dell Inspiron R laptops are the perfect solution for both home and office computing thanks to unique features such as switch lids to customize the appearance of your Dell Inspiron notebook. (Personally, I think switch lids or any other sticker for you notebook is a complete waste of money, but to each their own)

Dell Inspiron 14R Notebook Memory Upgrades

Starting at just $499, the Dell 14R is currently the cheapest Dell notebook you can buy in  2011 in the ‘R’ lineup of Dell notebooks and offers some impressive features for the price: 14 inch HD LCD display, 2nd generation Intel Core i3 processor, 640GB hard drive, 6GB  of Memory and the option to  upgrade the Dell 14R to  8GB maximum using an 8GB Dell Inspiron 14R 8GB Memory Upgrade Kit guaranteed to  work with your Dell 14R notebook computer.



Dell Inspiron 15R Notebook Memory Upgrades

Like the smaller Dell 14R,  the 15R from Dell offers more screen real estate, a second generation Intel i3 processor running at 2.2 GHz, a 640Gb internal hard drive and 6GB of RAM as standard equipment all for a sale price of just over $500, which isn’t too bad a deal on a Dell. Understandably the Dell Inspiron  15R is one of the best selling notebook computers from this well known name brand  notebook computer manufacturer. While 6GB of RAM installed from the factory is a respectable amount, the Dell Inspiron 15R  will perform even better with a Dell Inspiron Upgrade and  8GB of RAM for the Dell 15R is so cheap it makes sense to upgrade the RAM on your Dell 15R. For further savings you can sell the old ram in your Dell and apply the proceeds to the newer and bigger Dell 15R Memory Upgrade Kit.

Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook Memory Upgrades

At $549 for a 17 inch notebook* the 17 inch Dell  Inspiron 17R might just be the best deal in the Dell Inspiron lineup. With the big screen, perfect for both work or play and fast Intel core i3 processors the Dell 17R takes the high performance specifications of the  15R and adds more screen real estate –  a perfect screen size for gaming or spreadsheet or graphics work. 6GB DDR3 memory comes standard with this big screen notebook from Dell, but like  the 15R and 14R you can and should max out the RAM on your Dell Inspiron 17R with an 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz notebook memory upgrade. Dell RAM is price the cheapest it has ever been in 2011. If you have been waiting to buy a Dell or memory now is the  perfect time to do both.

Dell Inspiron 15 Notebook Memory Upgrades

The Dell Inspiron 15 notebook  is aimed at the lower end of the Inspiron  notebook lineup and is the cheapest or lowest priced Dell notebook available today. At $399*, it’s hard to compare or even get a better deal on a notebook in 2011 – the Dell Inspiron is that good. Perfect for light home use or just ever day computing such as blogging or facebook, the Inspiron 15, (not to be confused with the faster 15R) offers a 15 inch LCD display, roomy keyboard and the option to buy it in one of two colors the plain 15 inch notebook is one of the better notebook deals available today. With a fast 2.53Ghz intel Core i3 processor an 3GB of system memory as standard this cheap notebook offers a significant value and  by adding  more ram to the Dell Inspiron 15 you can  increase the  speed of  this cheap dell notebook even more as this notebook by Dell will accept a maximum of 8GB of DDR3 1333Mhz RAM and  if there  is a Dell notebook that’s in need of a ram upgrade, the Dell  Inspiron 15 is it. 3GB of RAM is not enough RAM in 2011.

Dell Inspiron 14z Notebook Memory Upgrades

The  Dell Inspiron 14z is one of the thinnest notebooks to come from Dell in their home and home office line and at $599, this small notebook is half the price of an Apple MacBook Air with a similar footprint. The Dell 14z offers a small and sleek design with less size and weight than the other Inspiron notebooks in the Dell notebook family, yet while keeping the costs down you can buy a Dell 14Z  for not much more than a Dell Inspiron would cost and yet features a fast 2nd generation Intel®Core™ processor i3-2330M (2.2GHz) with Intel HD Graphic 3000 and 4GB of RAM  as standard equipment.  4GB of Dell Memory  is fine for light tasks, but I suggest you upgrade Dell 14z Memory to 8Gb of ram. RAM for any Dell is cheap now and doubling the  Dell Inspiron RAM will only optimize the Dell notebook performance so  that your 14z will run even smoother and faster.

Where To Buy Dell Inspiron Notebook Memory Upgrades.

All Dell Inspiron models listed above require the exact same memory: DDR3 1333MHz sodimms, and with the exception of the  Dell duo , all Dell Inspiron notebooks can max out at 8GB of RAM  by buying two 4GB ddr3 1333Mhz sodimms or one 8GB Dell Inspiron Memory Upgrade Kit.

*prices quoted are subject to change. Check here for  the latest prices on dell notebooks and desktop computers.