Dell 2nd Generation XPS 15 Intel Core Memory Upgrades

Dell XPS 15 is a much cheaper notebook than a MacBook Pro 15 inch

Dell memory can be a good deal if you know where to shop for memory and like the Inspiron 15R 2nd  generation and 17r second  generation models, the higher power dells built for professionals, gamers, or anybody else needing a faster notebook than shat the Inspiron models can offer could do worse than pick up a Dell XPS 15.

I’ll get this out of the way now. I’m an Apple fan, but over the years as the PC manufacturers have dropped their prices over and over to the point where you can pay less than $500 for a well equipped Dell notebook it’s almost hard to justify the cost of a new  Apple MacBook Pro,  when the closest competitor to the MacBook, the Dell XPS 15 will do the job in all but a few cases, will do the job for half the price as we become more and more reliant on cloud computing and less reliant on software or operating system.  FaceBook looks pretty much the same on both Mac or PC.

Like all things with computer shopping, you can add software, mice, faster processors and a plethora of other factors to bump up the price of your next Dell, but one  thing you should seriously consider is buying  more memory for your Dell XPS as  this is one powerful windows 7 equipped notebook PC.

Best Price on XPS 15

The cheapest Dell XPS configuration ships standard with a fast 2nd generation  processor that features an Intel Core i5 processor  running at 2.0Ghz, and out of the box ships standard with 4GB of factory installed Dell Memory  (an aside: there’s  no such thing as special Dell memory. As long as the memory you buy meets the  Dell XPS 15 memory reqirements , you’re good to go)

But you should really upgrade your Dell XPS 15 memory to  the maximum ram possible  for the Dell XPS 15, as that’s an upgrade that is really going  to speed up your Dell XPS computer.

What you don’t want to do is buy the RAM from Dell when you order your Dell XPS. You can  but you will pay for the ram upgrade more  through  Dell than you would elsewhere.  At the  time I write this you can buy  8GB of Dell XPS RAM for about half price elsewhere than if you were buy the RAM directly from Dell when you place the Dell XPS order at

That’s a significant savings on Dell Memory and I keep track of  what’s  going on  with Dell Memory so you can save money when it comes time to buy Dell XPS 15.

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