December 2018 in Review

$1.69 won't make me rich. Yet.

December? It Blew By.

Wow you guys, another month went by in a hurry, but I guess the last month of the year always feels that way.

Now that it’s the first of the year, I resolve to have a healthy baby and healthy wife. At one time make more money would have been at the top of the list, and with a child on the way it’s probably not a bad idea. Because: diapers!

If there was a theme for this month it would be healthy – or trying to stay there. BW was hospitalized yet again with her pregnancy induced asthma bringing the total times in the hospital over her pregnancy up to 5! We are really trying hard to keep her out of the hospital until the baby is ready.

The baby? Oh she’s fine. At least that’s what the doctors and ultrasound folks tell us so that’s very good news but it would be even better news if BW would get well. For 2019, I have just one resolution and that’s to bring 2 ladies from the hospital in a few months.

BW’s health really is the wildcard in all of this. If she’s breathing and stable then the birth can go as planned, but if her health declines then there’s a possibility of pre-term birth and a stint in the NICU for my new friend.

Site News

If there’s a condition called web hosting indecisiveness I think I have it. This month I switched from Jekyll and Firebase Hosting to WordPress once again as I can’t make up my mind between the 2 web technologies.

I really like the idea of Jekyll and having a static site and I even enjoy working in the terminal, but the longer and longer build times and the fact that I would have to connect to a server where my site is stored vs having to make sure I had a dev setup on every computer took it’s toll.

WordPress is overkill for this site as I just need some text and images but I need nothing more than a web browser to write with and now that I can write from Google Docs   and then post to this site means I really don’t hate wordpress as much.

This means that I’m back to Cloudways which costs me $10.00 a month for a Digital Ocean droplet and with their add ons and managed servers is twice what the DO droplet would cost but it’s just easier to configure, and with a baby on the way and sick wife, it’s just easier to use Cloudways. Besides, I have no complaints about their service and the features they offer over spinning up a droplet and then having to configure it out yourself.

Earnings for this site was laughable and especially considering that this was the busiest time of year for shopping. My Amazon earnings for December were $1.69 – not even enough for a cup of starbucks.

Total cost for this site in December:

Digital Ocean Droplet – $4.31. I screwed around with DO for a bit and then realized Cloudways is just easier. I also tried Ghost as blogging service for a bit too with their servers, but in the end WordPress won out

Vultr :  I bought $20 woth of server for $10 as they had a new offer for new users. I used $0.71 of this balance so I might use the balance for a new project.

All the hosting for this site is really cheap. We are talking five to ten dollars a month right now regardless of the wordpress host I choose. Not quite the free hosting I was getting with firebase but not insanely expensive either.

Total Spent for December: $14.31. I’m including the credit for Vultr because the money is already spent and it’s sunk cost at this point.

If you subtract the total earnings I’m looking at a loss of $12.62 for the month

But this doesn’t count the cost of baby stuff that was added in December:

If you add up the cost of all the stuff that came into the house in December you’re looking at approximately another $200 worth of baby stuff arrived this month.

November’s numbers were worse. There was close to $600 of baby stuff either bought or gifted. $800 worth of baby stuff in the house. Now all we need is a baby. 🙂

Last month was the first month I started these earning and income reports so not much has changed on the income side as it’s still early days for this site so I’m not too worried about the lack of income. It’s a hobby site so it’s not supposed to be a moneymaker anyhow. This is really just for fun and I want to keep it that way.

To add it all up: I spent about $14.00 on web hosting for this site and then there’s $200 more crap in the house for this kiddo-to-be, so let’s make it that I’m at approximately $185.00 in the red. If you add the $600 in November then we’re getting close to our first grand of child care expenses for stuff for this baby.

I’m sure that when the baby arrives this will be worth every penny. 🙂

Goals for 2019

I’m not one to make resolutions because it’s easy to sit on the couch and make resolutions but it’s much harder to actually do them so I won’t even bother.

What I will state is that I plan to write more here as I feel the baby stuff will start to really ramp up next year. Until now, I’ve just been spinning my wheels waiting.

That said, income better than $1.69 would be nice. thank you

Until next month,

Jim and Co.

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