Crucial SSD Hard Drive Prices

Flash Memory is the future. We’re already seeing it in smaller capacities and there’s a good chance you have a USB stick or flash drive or thumb drive or whatever you want to call them on your keychain, desktop drawer or in your pocket.

Flash Memory is also becoming more popular in consumer electronics such as tablet computers like the Apple iPad, smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and other smart phones running the Android operating system and even the best selling Apple iPod line relies on solid state flash memory to operate.

Until recently, solid state hard drives were very small in size or extremely expensive but just as ram prices keep dropping over time the SSD hard drives have also dropped making it quite possible and somewhat affordable to replace your notebook hard drive entirely with a SSD hard drive which offers much faster, and in some cases instant responsiveness. Startup times or how long it takes to wake your notebook from sleep are much faster with a SSD hard drive or flash based hard drive.

**Crucial SSD Hard Drive Sizes and Prices


Many new notebook manufacturers such as Apple now offer the ability to upgrade the traditional hard drive technology to SSD drives at checkout when ordering a new notebook online, but you may be able to buy a SSD hard drive directly and upgrade you notebook hard drive yourself.

One company known for both digital camera memory as well as desktop and notebook memory and is a well known brand for ram upgrades has been offering SSD hard drives for sale for some time now, but only recently have the Crucial SSD drives been affordable where the cost does not outweigh the benefit of the added speed and reliability thanks to the fact that with a Crucial SSD drive there are no moving parts as there are in more standard or traditional hard drive technology offering a much more secure and safe method to transport your data.

Current SSD hard drives from Crucial Technology are available in three different sizes at 64GB, 128GB and 256GB are compatible with a wide range of notebook and desktop computers. The 64GB is currently on sale at 124.99, the 128GB SSD drive is priced at $249.99 and the biggest SSD drive from Crucial is 256GB and $499.

As you can see from the SSD hard drive prices above this new hard drive technology, while affordable, can cost more money than standard hard drives but as the technology increases in the hard drive arena the SSD hard drive prices will fall.

Now that you’re aware of the prices of SSD hard drives, the next question is will your notebook or desktop be able to use and accomodate the much faster SSD hard drive from Crucial? With one of the best memory upgrade configurators in the market today for their ram and memory products it comes as no surprise that Crucial offers a configurator that will help you buy the best SSD hard drive for your computer as well. Just use the hand pull down menu and select your computer manufacturer, computer product line and specific computer model and you will get a free SSD hard drive compatibility report that will help you find the right SSD drive for your computing needs.

In my case, I am writing this on an Apple MacBook Pro. A 2008 Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.4GHz and after entering the specifics of my particular Mac I am presented with a list of SSD hard drives that are guaranteed to be compatible with my MacBook Pro:

solid state hard drive prices

This is all it takes to get the right solid state hard drive from Crucial Technology.