Crucial Memory RAM Price Tracker


Tracking RAM Prices from Crucial for Mac is pretty easy to do as there’s only four (well, OK, five) Apple Computer models that currently ship that you can add more ram to: Apple iMac Memory, MacBook Pro Memory, MacBook Memory and Mac Pro Memory are the best selling RAM from Crucial memory as well as the other vendors I monitor and track prices as they each deserve their own articles so for this one I just want to Talk about Crucial Technology.

Welcome to the only site that tracks and monitors crucial memory upgrades as just one of the memory vendors. I will confess that at ramseeker I do specialize in Apple Memory from Crucial more so than the PC stuff but over time I want to change that and start to track crucial ram for Dell, Apple, HP and compaq computers just to name a few of the major windows computer manufacturers.One thing that Crucial does carry (and other memory stores are coming online with) are SSD drives which are essentially faster hard drives that offer no moving parts so there’s less chance you’re going to need data recovery if your hard drive crashes. SSD drives are quite similar in design to flash memory drives for your digital camera, but now you can use them in modern computers, with most uses being in notebook or netbook computers. Currently, SSD hard drives from Crucial are still a bit pricey as they are new technology and with any new technology to be a leader - you’ll pay. The reward is much faster start up and operating time which result in a snappier feel overall as compared to hard drives that have essentially worked like record player or turntables. There’s moving parts that can get damaged and take all your data down too.

But back to RAM from Crucial; There was a time when Crucial RAM was really expensive. Really expensive – more than what Apple or Dell charged expensive, but over time you’re just paying a minimum fee for the crucial brand as opposed to generic ram. Crucial RAM just works. Their site, when you order RAM from Crucial is a bit dull in my opinion and is a bit monotone and there’ no where for the eye to go when you first land on the page. I’d be promoting the Crucial RAM Configurator much much more, than what they are. But Crucial’s a big company and changes probably take years if not months to make and int the mean time, they do offer more than one easy way to buy ram from Crucial which is really all you want: Either you know your computer model so use the menu system to select your brand/line/model number to get the right ram for your computer guranateed (as they like to advertise) or alternately you can download a computer program that you can install on your computer that will scan your computer and spit out the right ram for your computer – again, gauranteed.

Crucial offers a good product a a good price. Crucial is not the lowest price on ram you can find but they offer a pretty good deal on ram and memory upgrades most days and carry ram and memory for every computer every made too. You could do worse than **buying RAM from Crucial Technology