Cost to Upgrade MacBook Pro to 8GB at the Apple Store

Too much.

And that’s how ramseeker was born. I searched and found lots of other memory stores online that offer guranteed memory to fun just fine in your MacBook Pro for much much less than what the RAM costs when buy it directly from Apple.

As I write this it costs $600 for an 8GB memory upgrade kit from the apple store today.


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Best MacBook Pro Memory

Compare that to about $250 for the same RAM from a selection of memory stores that have been in business for at very least a decade if not longer and offer a gaurantee on all ram they sell. That’s fair savings for about ten minutes effort searching online for the best price MacBook pro ram, no? If the difference were closer I might even argue ordering that you buy your ram directly from Apple as you have to hand it to Apple, they do support the products they sell. At least in the very few times I have had problems with any Apple products they usually take care of it if the MacBook or anything is under warranty.

And you know what will happen if you do have trouble with your ram from third party memory suppliers?  It’s a good guess Apple will blame  the ‘bad ram’ . There was a thing oh, it must be a decade  now where  Apple tweaked the OS a bit and a lot of users were having problems with  their ram not being recognized.  This was kind of a big deal in the Mac web so I got on the phone and called every one of these memory stores I list and every store told me they would replace the ram if their memory was at fault.

When you buy Apple RAM you do get the satisfaction of knowing in the event of something going wrong you’ve got Apple RAM in an Apple Computer and reciepts to back it up making for an easy life in the event you may have trouble.

But I don’t know… that’s a pretty big price premium for MacBook RAM. I guess the question is for you to decide if the price to pay apple for ‘apple’ ram . (which in my personal  MacBook was just crucial memory anyway). I vote no. I’m all for getting the most value out of my hard earned money and every store I list memory prices from is reputable and sells MacBook 8GB for much less than what the Apple Store does and yet still offers excellent service and prices.  You can buy 8GB from Apple but it’ll cost you for the privilege. There’s much cheaper 8GB MacBook Pro RAM available and that’s what I recommend.

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