Cost of Memory for 2011 Apple MacBook Pro

With the release of the latest Apple MacBook Pro models a few weeks back, and the past few weeks of most memory stores adding the MacBook Pro RAM to their stores, I think it’s safe to say that with few exceptions the MacBook Pro Memory prices have settled and now we know what’s available for RAM for the first new Macs to come from Apple in 2011

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I have specifically highlighted a few stores that were first to market the MacBook Pro RAM, and earlier this week we also know that you can spend more on RAM for MacBook Pros than the MacBook Pro itself with $1700 RAM upgrades for MacBook Pro’s being available to purchase. My guess is the 16GB RAM prices will settle once more vendors come online with 16GB MacBook Pr RAM, and unless every millisecond counts the 8GB MacBook Pro RAM Kits offer far more reasonable value with MacBook Pro RAM  under $100 – a fraction of what it costs for the 16GB RAM upgrade kits

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_**_At the time I write this  you can buy 8GB, 12GB, and now 16GB RAM for MacBook Pros. I have yet to add the 16GB kits  yet because so far,it’s just OWC that offers these and there’s not much need to compare prices on 16GB RAM when only one memory vendor sells this very expensive RAM for MacBook Pros  so far.

The best deal is the 8GB memory upgrade kits for MacBook Pros that under $100 make it a no nonsense and cheap way to double the RAM in Apple’s newest MacBook Pros that require different memory than the 2008-2010 Apple MacBook Pros. The new MacBook Pros use DDR3 PC10600 1333MHz RAM which is a different memory type than the older MBP’s which used DDR3 1066 SDRAM sodimms for memory upgrades.  It should come as no surprise that the faster RAM combined with the faster i5 and i7 Intel processors in the MacBook Pro’s for 2011 result the fastest notebooks Apple has ever built to date with the 2011 MacBook Pro updates.

RAM Upgrades for the 2011 Apple MacBook Pros are available by upgrading the factory memory in the MacBook Pro with larger 4GB chips or the newest 8GB DDR3 1333MHz notebook memory modules, resulting in 4GB, 8GB, 12GB and 16GB upgrades available.

The  12GB memory upgrade kit seems to me to be the black sheep out of all the memory configurations. Due to the current cost of 8GB RAM modules for the MBP’s it makes sense to either buy the 8GB or 16GB memory upgrade kits. If you are going to upgrade the RAM, I have always felt that it’s best to do it by doubling the RAM you currently have. Yes, 12GB is still  more RAM than 8GB but due to the costs I would wait until those 8GB RAM chips drop in price, as they will.