Cost of MacBook Pro RAM

The cost of MacBook Pro RAM is dropping.


The MacBook Pro memory modules get bigger in capacity size (not physical size) A year ago or so 4GB of RAM would have been tth most memory you could install in a MacBook Pro but now the MacBook Pro specifications have changed and you can now get 8GB of RAM into a MacBook Pro easily and relatively cheaply.

At time of writing and 8GB memory or ram upgrade kit for the new 2010 MacBook Pros can easily be achieved with just adding 2x4GB DDR3 1066Mhz so-dimms from a variety of memory stores for much much less money than you would pay for MacBook Pro memory just a year ago.

Every time I upgrade the memory prices they drop. At the time of writing it will cost you about $250 for an 8GB memory upgrade for a MacBook Pro. Now if you buy the MacBook Pro from the Apple Store you’ll end up paying a whole lot more than that – about double or more ($600 for MacBook Pro RAM from Apple as I write this) and there was a time when RAM mattered but really now it’s just what your budget will allow.

Cheapest Apple MacBook Pro

When you buy the Apple RAM from Apple you get one thing and one thing only: better support. I’m not saying that when you buy the RAM elsewhere that it doesn’t come with great support but if you bought the RAM and the MacBook Pro from Apple you do get the reward of being able to take your MacBook Pro back to Apple and there’s less chance of Apple telling you your problems are due to the third party memory. It’s an easy way for Apple to get out of warranty troubles and blame the troubles you might be having with your MacBook Pro on the ‘bad ram’.

But no RAM is ‘bad ram’ these days. Any shady or questionable memory vendors have pretty much been wiped out by either their tactics catching up with them or the recession wiped ’em out completely. It’s like natural selection for memory stores if you will.

RAM is a price competitive market and those that compete on price too much usually don’t last long due to the fact that they can’t afford the service that comes with the sale of MacBook memory.

The question of what is the best price for MacBook Pro RAM, or any ram for that matter is up to you. What do you want to pay for service and support? Buying RAM direct from apple is easy, yes but you’ll pay for the privilege of buying Apple branded memory upgrades.

You’re better off spending your money on RAM Upgrades and buy from memory stores you can trust at prices that are much more competitive than any price that comes out of Apple for MacBook Pro RAM.

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