Cost of 4GB RAM Price for Memory for MacBook Pro

The cost of 4GB RAM memory upgrades my friends is the sweet spot of ram upgrades currently in 2011 when it comes to buying RAM for your MacBook Pro.

The 16GB MacBook Pro RAM is still too pricey to really pay attention to unless you have deep deep pockets or really really need the extra performance. I have yet to test 16GB for MacBook Pro, but it only makes sense that MacBook Pros will run faster with double the RAM that Apple states as the maximum, which is 8GB of RAM.

This is why 4GB of RAM for MacBook Pros are the most popular memory modules for MacBook Pros today, and that’s because of the fact that 4GB RAM price for MacBook Pro continue to drop over time, and buying two of them will fill your MacBook Pro and this applies to both the Apple MacBook Pros made in 2011, and  just released a month or so ago, and the later MacBook Pros with the latest refresh being in the spring of 2010.

MacBook Pro RAM Types

The new MacBook Pros announced Feb 24, 2011 take different memory upgrades than what is available or was available for the older 2010 MacBook Pros, so unfortunately, you cannot take the ram from your 2010 MacBook Pro with you and install  it in your new 2011 MacBook Pro – You will have to buy new 4GB ram upgrades for the new MacBook Pros, as they require 4GB DDR3 1333MHz SDRAM so-dimms, while the older MacBook Pros ran on 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz SDRAM so-dimm and the two are not interchangeable.

4GB MacBook RAM Memory Prices

The good news is that if you fill your MBP with 2x 4gb RAM modules, you can do so at a cost of under $100 currently and  in some cases, less as some stores like OWC and OEMPCWORLD will buy back the factory installed memory upgrades that were in your MacBook Pro reducing the price of your MacBook Pro RAM to even less..  There’s no reason to spend more than $50 for a 4GB Apple MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade. Below are the best deals you can find  on Apple 4GB MacBook Pro RAM today for both newer and older MacBoo Pro models.

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