Corvette Season


One of the weird perks of my job is I have probably driven every late model car at this point at one time or another but I never had the pleasure of driving a corvette in the snow.  Until today.

I put the vette in gear, hit the gas and…nothing.  The tires just spun. the only way to get the car to go anywhere was to just let the car idle and crawl along in the snow.  I WAS SO glad I managed to photograph and park this thing so it could be somebody else’s nightmare.

I hate corvettes. I didn’t always hate them and as  a kid I remember being in the back seat of the ford wagon with the wood paneling and shouting “Dad! Look  -  a vette!” as we saw a ‘77 go down the road.


Now I avoid getting near these. They are just too low to the ground. It’s bad enough I have to get in and out of about 12 cars a day during my work day multiple times - I don’t really relish the job of struggling to get out of a car so close to the ground.

Heck, it’s starting to get so getting off the couch hurts. Corvettes are a young man’s game (Or you have a really good chiropractor)

It looks like I lasted 2 weeks into the year before I crawled into one. I guess somebody somewhere has dreams of springtime and summer, and with the weather we have had recently - can you blame them?