Computer Memory Test: How To Test Installed RAM

Most, if not all RAM you buy today is tested by the memory manufacturer or reseller before it gets shipped to you or installed in your computer when you buy it, but even with these failsafe measurements in place, it does happen that  sometimes your computer will start to act up and one cause of the PC’s troubles could be the RAM has gone bad.

There’s also the chance that the operating system you are running doesn’t like to run the memory you have installed. This is rare though and usually happens when an OS update is performed.  It’s been a decade or more since I’ve seen RAM go bad due to and OS change.

But, RAM does go bad, as does hard drives (which is  why you should always have a backup too) and there’s many free ram testers out there to help you determine if your RAM has gone bad or not.

MemTest. This memory testing software is completely free to use and the most popular memory testing tools to use today.

Windows Memory Diagnostic.. If you’re on a Windows PC, this software comes built in to the operating system so you don’t need to download anything.  Just click start, control panel and search for memory in the search box and click ‘diagnose your computer’s  memory problems’

These two programs will help you determine the health of your installed memory upgrades on your Mac or PC. If you do find you have bad RAM, contact the computer memory manufacturer to determine if your installed RAM applies for a warranty replacement as most memory stores today offer a lifetime guarantee  on the ram upgrades they sell.