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Comparing the differences between Verizon Unlimited Plans

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Verizon’s phone plans with unlimited data are broken down into four categories:

Above Unlimited

Above Unlimited is aimed for power users that live on their phones and demand the best performance. If you have this plan, you are probably on a top tier phone and need all the data and speed possible. The Above Unlimited plan from Verizon offers:

  • Unlimited 4G Data

  • unlimited talk and text

  • HD Quality vide streaming

  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot

  • Mexico and Canada Talk Text and Data Included

  • Verizon Up Rewards

  • Mexico and Canada Talk and Data Included

  • 5 Travel Passes a Month

  • 500Gb of Verizon Cloud

  • Apple Music Included

Beyond Unlimited

Beyond Unlimited is designed for those that do a lot of streaming.

  • Unlimited 5G Data

  • Unlimited 4K HD Streaming

  • Unlimited 5G Hotspot

  • Unlimited 4G Data

  • Unlimited Talk and Text

  • HD Quality Streaming

  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot

  • Verizon Up Rewards

  • Mexico and Canada Talk, Text and Data

  • Apple Music

Go Unlimited

Go Unlimited is aimed at those users that want unlimited but don’t need the extra features and cost of the two plans above.

  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Talk and Text

  • DVD Quality Streaming

  • Unlimited Mobile HotSpot

  • Mexico and Canada Talk, Text and Data

  • Free Apple Music for 6 months

Just Kids

If you have kids that need or want a smartphone then you definitely don’t need to spend a lot and have the kids burn through your data. This plan offers the following features:

  • 5GB of 4G Data

  • Unlimited Talk and Text to 20 contacts

  • Safety Mode to Avoid Data Overages

  • Verizon Smart Family

  • DVD Quality Streaming

  • Verizon Up Rewards

  • Data Boost.

Verizon Unlimited Plan Prices

Above Unlimited - $95.00 per line

Beyond Unlimited - $85.00 per line

Go Unlimited - $75.00 per line

Just Kids - $35.00 per line

What’s the Best Unlimited Verizon Plan?

If it we me, I would probably go with the Go Unlimited Plan as I really only use abut 3GB a month, but I do travel to Canada a fair bit so the fact that I can use my phone there as I would inside the US would be a great thing to have.

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