Mint Mobile vs Google Fi vs AT&T Prepaid


A cellular phone is a neccesity these days and it’s not the cost of the cellphone that’s expensive but it’s the phone plan that really costs the money because with a plan the monthly payments never end unless you die or decide hole up in your home and live like it’s 1987 again and reinstall your landline, plug in your answering machine and get a newspaper subscription.

In essence, a mobile phone plan is necessity in 2019 and not even a luxury. Sure, phones can be considered a luxury but for the service it makes sense to shop around so that’s what I did this morning:

AT&T Prepaid at $25.00 a Month

This was the first offer that caught my eye as the math works out to $300 a year for the phone service and includes the features I need such as enough data, unlimited texts and from what I read in the small print it will allow me to use in Canada - and Call Canada for that price as well and considering I have family in Canada that’s kind of a big deal.

So, not bad. $300, plus taxes at AT&T

Mint Mobile at $20.00 a month

I will start off the bat that this got vetoed pretty quick because the international calling/using is not included and nobody wants to use metered calling when roaming in other countries. There’s an option where you can prepay for international services but that looks like a pain in the ass. I also don’t want to have to turn off data or my phone because I travel in Canada. But if you call within the US it’s hard to beat $15.00 a month

Google Fi at about $30.00 a month

This is the mobile phone service that I’m currently on and although the data is pricey at $10.00 a gb, my current situation doesn’t have either my wife and I using a lot of data and most months we’re using less than 3GB so the phone bill for both lines ends up being about $65.00 for both of us.

Is it Worth it to Switch Celluar Carriers?

It depends. If I didn’t need Canada I would look at prepaid offers from other carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon as I bet I could beat my Google Fi offering, but because I use the Canada calling/usage features of Google Fi I find that the slightly extra montly cost is worth it to know I can just call and use my phone in Canada without having to worry about surprise bills.

Also, there’s the grief factor of ‘porting’ your number from carrier a to carrier b and if something goes wrong you’re at the mercy of the carrier and you can bet that if something goes wrong the carrier will blame the carrier you are switching from/to.

So yes, I could get a better deal on Cell phone carriers but for the time being I will stick with Google Fi for my cellular carrier even if it does cost about $20.00 more a month overall for the both of us.

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