CheeseCake, And Make Mine Cherry

Sunday, we celebrated my good friend’s belated 50th birthday at The Cheesecake Factory here in town, and it was a first for all of us to go and we were not sure what not to expect, but we sure did not expect to find:

325 different menu items!! This count does not include beverages either.

As you can Imagine, it took a while to decide on my culinary delight for the evening.

I have a confessions to make: Big menus like this scare the heck out of me.  I’m slowly getting used to the bigger portions here in the US,  (I gained 2 lbs! - I blame the cheesecake) but for B, she reads the menu and gets all excited about the choice and selection where I’m at the other end of the table thinking on thing: help!!!

Back to my fear of menus: There is too much choice with this restaurant. There were three different  pages on the menu for salads. At first glance you’d see the handfull of salads in the appetizer section and all the usual suspects were here too - garden, greek, caesar etc, but then two page in and past the ‘small plates’ there are more salad choices.

I finally did decide to go with two small plates because the** entree sizes looked like garbage can lids**, not 8 inch dinner plates and that’s a whole lot of food for a skinny guy like me.

The food was very good. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much but the food and service were both fantastic at the Cheesecake Factory.  We had a really great time, until…

“You Don’t Want That” 

**Finally, the time comes around for dessert - and of course, **cheesecake! I mean the meal was just so you could get to the dessert at a dining establishment such as this - we didn’t  go to the salad factory (although by the menu items, you could argue differently)  or the burger factory -** we were there for the cheesecake!**

As you can imagine, the cheesecake selection was as long as my arm but   I only was interested in one flavor: cherry. And as soon as I announce I’ll have cherry cheesecake. B pipes up and simply states:

” You don’t want that”.

” I don’t” I ask?

” No, Cherry is gross -  why don’t you get the red velvet cheesecake? It sounds delicious!!”.

“Umm, because I.. want cherry?!!”

So the plan with the cheesecake I am learning (in real time, I might add)  was I was supposed to order the chocolate macadamia nut, or red velvet or anything but cherry, so I could share with my beautiful wife…

And I don’t know..maybe it was the euphoria of the cherry cheesecake anticipation or the overwhelming of my senses drying to decipher a 325 item menu, but I bravely said “no, I still want the cherry”.

Then of course what went from a simple choice and  announcement about my dessert selection is now, for lack of a better word - a ‘thing’. Now we have to discuss this: Am I to forgo my cherry so we can share and select one of her choices now that I am aware of what the cheesecake plan really is? or do I stand my ground and say “No! No sharing! We’re talking cheesecake here! Every man and woman for themselves!! “ ?

it seemed like hours went by as we entertained annoyed our friends across the table with our cheesecake showdown. At one point, I think we were arm wrestling…

The verdict: We shared the cherry, and B loved it too . Cherry Cheesecake is just one of  the many many things that’s just better with two, and it tastes much, much better than eggplant. ?


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