Cheapest Mac Mini RAM

Want to know a little secret? RAM for all current Apple Computers are all pretty much the same. So when you ask me: Hey, Jim – what’s the cheapest mac mini ram? you could also be asking about the cheapest MacBook ram and MacBook pro ram too.


Cheapest Apple Mac Mini

Assuming of course, that your memory requirements are the same speed. ie: 1066MHz MacBooks and MacBook pro’s and  the newer mac mini’s all use the same ram. iMac too, until about a week or so ago when Apple released the new Apple iMacs – they use DDR3 1333 RAM Memory so you can’t swap it out with the other Mac models. Yet, anyway.  If Apple has released the new iMacs you can guess that the notebook computers will soon be using the 1333 MHz  speed too over time.

I guess over time I would get used to using this I guess as it seems to work well for me and

Anyway, you’re here because you want to know the cheapest Mac Mini RAM, and I’m happy to help but we need to know a few things first. Most important is what Mac Mini?  Some of earlier Mac Minis used DDR PC2700 SDRAM and then when the intel based Mac Minis came out for years they required the use of DDR2 PC5300 so-dimms and thing s pretty stayed the same for a year if not more and then finally apple released the Mac Mini’s that required the DDR3 1066MHz so-dimms and currently are the faster and most popular ram for Mac Mini computers.

How to find out how what ram you need for your specific Mac Mini is pretty easy:

Go to your Apple Menu in the top left corner of the screen and select ‘about this mac’. What comes up is a screen that shows you how much ram you have installed, and most importantly – what speed of RAM for your Apple Mac Mini you need to buy. Once you’ve got all this info you’re off to the races and you can see the cheapest mac mini ram at a glance here on ramseeker.

One last word of caution: I don’t think the Mac Mini RAM is supposed to be installed by a  “Apple Authorized Service Provider” At least the older Mac Minis had this requirement and I can’t see any reason why this would have changed.

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