Cheapest Apple MacBook Memory Prices

The MacBook, from Apple could arguably be the best notebook computer available today from Apple, as this consumer based laptop offers a small footprint and price/performance ratio that can’t be beat when compared to the big brother in the Apple lineup: The Apple MacBook Pro.

But for most consumers this small laptop is the perfect choice as the digital hub between your iPhone, iPod, and any other consumer electronic item – such as a digital camera. Most buyers of the Apple MacBook should upgrade the memory at time of purchase, and I recommend that unless you have money to burn that you save money on memory upgrades and buy ram from a cheaper third party, and since on the internet, price is king – I have gathered and created a chart of current ram prices for both new and old Apple MacBook models. The older MacBook models, up to about 2007 require and use PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM sodimms, while the later unibody MacBooks can accept a much faster memory upgrade in the form of DDR3 1066mhz SDRAM sodimms.

Depending on the specific MacBook model you have you might be able to install either 2 or 4GB or memory as the maximum RAM amount – and on the older MacBook models it’s quite possbile to squeeze 3GB or 6GB in them although this is not supported by Apple and I cannot recommend this MacBook memory upgrade.

Best Prices on MacBook RAM and Memory Upgrades.

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