Cheap Memory for Lenovo

Lenovo is of many PC notebook and netbooks that could benefit from a memory upgrade in 2011 as in most cases, when these IBM notebook computers ship they ship with too little memory as default. This is done sometimes to keep the costs of the notebook computer down as the notebook PC market can be competitive and another reason why lenovo notebook PC’s don’t ship with maxed out memory is that in some cases for casual PC users who might just surf the internet, check email and facebook the factory installed ram is enough.

Best Selling Lenovo Notebook

Best Selling Lenovo Notebook

But for the rest of us, and especially if  you use your notebook Lenovo computer to earn a living or for business you will want to upgrade the RAM on your notebook PC to get better performance than what the default factory ram installation can provide. Adding more memory allows for a faster Lenovo PC computer that can better accommodate the Windows operating system that runs on the Lenovo notebook PC’s and with fewer crashes and the ability to run more applications at the same time with the RAM maxed out on this PC notebook.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Memory for Lenovo?

Now that you’ve realized the benefits of a laptop memory upgrade it’s now time to do a little bit of shopping online for memory. You work hard for your dollar, and you don’t want to over spend on your memory upgrade but do have to decide where you want your money to go when it comes to ram upgrades. You can choose name brand memory or generic RAM. The name brand RAM pretty much explains itself. You’re buying quality RAM from an established brand with a big name in the RAM biz. Crucial Technology comes to mind.

But if you want to get cheap ram for Lenovo, don’t discount generic memory which can save you up to 40% off and still get a memory upgrade that’s guaranteed to work when you install the memory into your notebook. I’ve made a list of** **recommended memory stores** that will sell you **Lenovo RAM for less and yet still offer you the guarantee and support you expect when spending money on memory. Most, if not all the stores also offer the choice to buy both generic and name brand memory from the same source so you have a choice. Except in rare circumstances, I suggest saving  money on ram and buying generic memory for your Lenovo notebook.