Cheap Mac RAM for Apple MacBook Computers

MacBook memory, or MacBook RAM as it is commonly known is in my opinion the very best upgrade you can do on an Apple MacBook. It’s a better upgrade than hard drives, or even software and the best part is that in 2011 MacBook RAM is cheap, in fact, cheaper than it’s ever been in years. Only a few short months ago to max out the ram on a MacBook would cost upwards of one hundred dollars, but now in earkly 2011 the very same DDR3 ram upgrade consisting of a 4GB MacBook RAM kit can be bought for as little as $48.

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The MacBook lineup has been refreshed by Apple over the years but the same design hasn’t changed much and the MacBook only accepts two different types of memory upgrades: For older MacBook models such as the Intel Core Processor MacBooks and even some Intel Core 2 processor MacBooks the memory required for these older MacBook model are DDR2 PC5300 DDR sodimms and although not required, it’s recommended that you install the MacBook Memory in pairs.

Some memory vendors suggest that more memory than Apple suggests can be installed in a MacBook and it may very be possible, I recommend you stick to what the maximum RAM for MacBook as suggested by Apple.. For older MacBooks requiring DDR2 RAM that max out at 2GB of memory, it has been suggested that 3GB of RAM will run fine in these Apple notebooks and for those MacBooks that max out at 4GB, it’s been suggested that 6GB of memory will run fine. This could be the case, as when the older MacBooks were released, the larger 2GB and 4GB memory chips were not available.

For the newer UniBody MacBook models, these run a faster motherboard speed at twice as fast as the older MacBooks and require DDR3 memory upgrades running at 1066Mhz. The newer MacBook models max out at 4GB of DDR3 RAM which is more than enough memory for most applications.

Buying MacBook Memory is a fine balance: You can buy the MacBook RAM directly from Apple either when you buy the MacBook, or you can purchase memory from Apple at a later date. Warranty will be no problem as you have Apple memory installed in an Apple product. But, and this is big: RAM from Apple will not be cheap.

What I suggest is buying ram for MacBooks from a trusted third party vendor that offer the same warranty and support as with Apple products, but without the inflated price tag that comes with the RAM when you buy from Apple directly.

Memory for MacBook can either be the cheapest MacBook RAM you can buy, or if you prefer you can spend a few more dollars and buy name brand memory from a vendor such as Crucial Technology. When shopping for RAM, the cheapest RAM is going to be generic RAM, which for most applications is just fine and still manufactured and tested to the Apple Specifications that the MacBook requires when it comes to RAM upgrades.

**Cheapest MacBook RAM Prices


I have created a table or chart of the cheapest MacBook RAM prices from a select few memory stores I can recommend that sell a quality memory product at a fair price: This list of MacBook memory prices change so you will always be sure to get the best prices on RAM for MacBook, regardless of what specific MacBook you have.