Cheap Mac Mini RAM

To get the maximum performance out of the Mac Mini, you can and should install more RAM in the Mac Mini (here’s the instructions from Apple on how to install Mac Mini RAM) you want page 34. You can install 8GB of DDR3 1066 SDRAM in the latest Apple Mac Mini and I recommend that you do as Mac Mini RAM is cheap, in fact memory upgrades for any Apple Computer is a great deal right now and the cheapest it’s been is some time. Now is the time to buy ram. regardless of whether it’s for The Mac Mini, any other Mac or even a PC such as a HP notebook computer.

Cheapest Mac MiniThe Apple Mac Mini is the cheapest Apple computer you can buy in 2011. (and, it’s on sale too). But one thing that will make this little wonder even better would be to max out the memory on the Apple Mac Mini.


Installing the RAM on the newest Mac Mini couldn’t be easier – all you do is flip the Mac Mini over, twist the cover like you would on a jar of peanut butter and the RAM and memory slots are right there. Apple does suggest that you have an Apple certified technician install the memory upgrade on a Mac Mini but I don’t think that’s needed at all if you’re careful with static electricity you should be fine. But be aware that if something does go wrong installin memory by yourself, your warranty on your new Mac Mini could be voided.

To remove the original RAM on a Mac Mini, there’s two little clips that hold the memory module down – seperate these and the memory module pops up at a 45 degree angle (or thereabouts) and you gently remove the memory from the memory upgrade slot. You repeat this for the second memory upgrade module that’s directly below and then you have to empty memory upgrade slots that are now free to use 4GB DDR3 SDRAM x 2 to get you to the maximum of 8GB of memory allowed on the latest Mac Mini models. (older mac mini’s were not as easy to install memory in, so if you’re in the market for RAM for a discontinued Mac Mini you might be best to find either an apple certified technician to install the memory for you, or if the warranty on the Mac Mini is long gone you might want to chance installing the RAM yourself.

Where to Buy Mac Mini RAM Cheap

As I mentioned above, Mac mini ram is the cheapest it’s ever been and you can buy much cheaper RAM from a selection of memory stores that I can recommend as being quality places to buy memory from. Below is a chart of the current best and cheapest ram for Apple Mac Mini.