Cheap iMac RAM

The iMac, in my opinion is probably the best value in an Apple Personal Computer, regardless of year. From the very first Apple iMac to the current Apple iMacs with Intel i3 and i5 processors, with the Apple iMac you get a well designed desktop computer that in it’s latest incarnation with the summer 2010 refresh also offers you a choice of processor speeds, screen sizes and price points but they all offer the same sleek design that hardly takes any room on your desktop.

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Best Price Apple iMac

Cheapest Apple iMac

One thing that the latest iMacs need (and with RAM so cheap these days, I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t ship the Apple iMac’s full of RAM) is more RAM. For a select few, the memory installed at the factory will be more than ample if you’re just surfing facebook or email or the like, but for the rest of us that want to get the most performance we can out of Apple’s best selling desktop computer, adding more memory is the cheapest way to do that and usually offers more bang per buck than adding hard drives or installing software could.

The best part about iMac memory upgrades, is that if you do it right you only do it once and the memory upgrade is good for the life of the computer. Fill your iMac with RAM, and forget about it. You can buy ram from Apple for the iMac, but even though more moderately priced than earlier years buying RAM direct from Apple is still a pricey proposition.

A better, and cheaper option is to buy iMac Memory from a memory store you can trust to offer the same technical specs required for the 2010 Apple iMacs but at a cheaper price. Most memory stores offer a lifetime guarantee free shipping and support in the rare case you do have trouble with your iMac RAM you know you will get the help you need. This is rarely needed as the memory shops test the RAM upgrades prior to shipping.

**Where to Buy iMac RAM and for the Cheapest Price.


I don’t recommend any one specific memory store as I figure it’s your money you’re spending and you have different requirements about how much you will pay for ram, but also the perceived value attached with brand name memory and other factors to consider when buying RAM. But, most of you just want the cheapest iMac RAM and I have created a chart that lists the lowest memory prices from memory vendors you can trust.