Cheap Computer Memory Upgrades: Where To Buy

If you’re looking to buy cheap computer memory, you’ve come to the right place because all I do every day is help you get the cheapest computer memory prices possible and I have been monitoring and tracking cheap computer memory prices for over 15 year now. If you’re in the market for cheap memory I list prices that are the lowest I could find.

Cheap Apple Computer Memory

I started ramseeker tracking ram prices for just Apple computers so if there’s one thing I know, it’s where to get computer memory for Apple computers cheaply. In 2012, almost all current Apple computers take the same amount of RAM. Mac Mini, MacBook Pro and Apple iMac all use  DDR3 1600Mhz  SDRAM sodimms. Here are the lowest prices on Apple Memory I could find:

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Cheap HP Computer Memory

Memory for HP notebooks are another type of memory you can get cheaply now and like the Apple products, most HP notebooks like the HP Envy will allow up to 16GB of RAM installed and not only is HP memory cheap, but  it will allow you to work much faster regardless of whether you use your HP notebook for fun or business.

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Cheap Dell Computer Memory

Dell Inspirons, XPS or Latitude models all take more ram and like the HP and Apple’s above you can get ram much much cheaper when you buy the memory anywhere but from Dell which tends to overcharge for their memory upgrades. You’re much better off buying ram from one of the memory stores below. When you do, not only will you save money on RAM, your dell will run faster and allow you to open more applications at the same time. Most Dell notebooks this year can accept up to 16GB of RAM. Check your manual .

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Cheap Sony Computer Memory

Sony computers are usually not known for being the cheapest computer you can buy, unless you get a deal on a Sony notebook  most  Sony VAIO models tend to be expensive than their DEll or HP counterparts.  But just because the Sony notebook is pricey doesn’t mean you can’t  get ram for Sony notebook computers cheaply. Most Sony’s can accept  up  to 16GB of RAM and installing ram in a Sony notebook is easy and cheap when you buy ram for Sony Notebooks from these stores:

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Where To Buy Cheap Computer Memory Upgrades

In addition to the memory stores in the pricing tables above,  I like buying cheap memory from Amazon as a lot of times they tend to have better prices on RAM than any other memory store and offer not only the cheapest computer memory prices but outstanding return policies too. Here are some suggestions for cheap computer memory: