Chair Apparent

Let me start by saying that BW thinks this is all my fault.

It started with a bookcase, which admittedly was my idea. I had wanted a bookcase so I could evict BW from her library in the basement to make room for my new office space.

My logic was that if we got a bookcase for the dead corner in the basement then we can toss some of her most used books in there- the rest can go in the basement and then I would have a lot of space for my man cave. Sounds good right?

Well… as I wrote about before we are good at measuring the space where the bookcase was supposed to go but we were not good at realizing that it would have to also fit downstairs - which it didn’t.

That left us with some thought about what to do? The bookcase can’t stay in the living room.

Or…maybe it can.

After some thought and realizing we had two choices: make the bookcase fit upstairs or sell it and try again with a smaller bookcase we decided to move the old couch over so if faced the wall instead and toss the bookcase against the only wall in the house it could go.

BW had already bought one chair:

Which is a very nice chair and once we saw how ugly our couch really was I suggested that we might as well get another chair to match because…what the hell. YOLO.

Then there was the issue of the couch…

Our couch was U.G.L.Y. . It was very comfortable (ask the dog, or me) but it was not the prettiest thing and now with all the other nice furniture in there the couch really stood out like a sore thumb.

A few days later after a trip to BW’s favorite store once again we found a couch:

And some lamps, and and end table or two.

This new couch is not as comfortable as the old one, but it looks a lot nicer and thankfully I have another couch in the family room that I can still nap on. This one is so new I am afraid to sit on it.

If you thought that this story was over though you’re wrong.

While at the store buying the couch - what did we see? Another bookcase that matched exactly to the one that’s in our living room. And this one fits down the stairs.

So in a circuitous route that took us from buying a bookcase to a whole new furniture rig in the living room and then back again to finding a bookcase that would fit in the corner of the family room I can say that we are done.

We almost left bookcase number 2 at the store because but it turns out this 2nd bookcase matched **exactly **to the one in the living room. It’s not a close match - it’s an exact match so we figured we had better get it or we would be kicking ourselves later.

Add a crappy new table from Target for fifty bucks, and we are done decorating the living room and now it looks like a scene from mad men.

I have to say that this looks much better than how things looked before.

The old leather recliners are moved downstairs into my office (and I’m sitting in right now!) and the old coffee tables got moved to the family room which is probably the next room to get a cash infusion once we recover from this room.

This actually worked out very well for all parties as this new bookcase has a perfect spot for my tube amp and speakers because what’s really important is not how the furniture looks or the bookcase or the funky new lamps - what’s really important is **where the stereo will go? **

This setup works well and hides cables yet there’s room for my little speakers in the corners for the important listening sessions.

The important thing is the stereo stays. I will get used to the uncomfortable couch.