B had her students over for an end of school year party last night and they’re good kids and all that jazz but it’s been some time since I spent any time in a room full of college students. B is used to it as this is her everyday but for somebody who stays home all day in the quiet suburbs - I’m not used to the noise. Holy. 

But, I survived and it’s good to have B home for the summer now and not stressed out beyond belief  due to a hectic teaching schedule. This is better. I have some pretty cool leftovers for  lunch today too - even if I do have to clear beer bottles off the deck.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2012. We hope you had fun.

One more thing..

One last reason to celebrate is that as of today, I am employable in the USA.  I can now contribute fiscally again to the household income. The card from the US arrived today so now I can work in the USA and make more money for more shoes. It’s been a long five months waiting for this day to come and we’re happy.

Oh. Right…. married 3 months today. Life is Good. ?