Catching Up

It’s been so busy, with so much stuff to share, rather than write just a little post this will be the mega mid summer catching up post. I have stories to tell, and photos too.

The Vacation

I will start with the vacation - even though it’s been close to 2 months, I still want to write about it and dump some photos. Last we left off, I we had just arrived. 

Beach Day

The following day we went to the beach:

Our first stop was for breakfast at Bob’s which was a hole in the wall but apparently one of the best breakfast joints in Mobile Alabama. Their slogan is “on the corner of fat and happy” and after all the eating we did that’s a pretty good summary of what we ate. I had a bacon sandwich which was okay -  about what you could expect from a BLT.

After our breaky, it was time for the beach.  I’m not a sun and sand kid but BW wanted to go. I was fine it turned out as we rented an umbrella to hide from the sun so I plopped my butt in the chair, and watched my wife swim in the ocean. I had drinks, nachos and a book so I was good.   I did dip my toes into the ocean so technically I went “swimming”

On the way home we found a fruit stand and stopped for a few minutes to pick up a few things and then back ‘home’ we went so I could make dinner.  You see, we are now addicted to blue apron as they offer the much needed variety in the food that BW likes and I can follow instructions well so I “cook”. BW arranged to have the box of food delivered to the apartment so we wouldn’t eat out all the time. 

As I was looking out the window into the back yard, our hosts had a few chickens in the back yard and the owner had left the gate open so I watched as a chicken made a run for it. Turns out, that these chickens don’t travel very far and later when we went out we found the chicken in the front yard.

After dinner it was time for a bike ride as they had bikes we could use at the rental so  we biked a few blocks down the very green neighbourhood  to go get a scoop of ice cream.

There’s a reason that I haven’t been on bicycle for some 40 years.  They say that  it’s “just like riding a bike”. Let me tell you, it’s a saying and not true at all. I fell off.

I told BW  that this was the one and only time I’m biking. I like the couch better.

Where are we Going?

After our busy day on Monday at the beach we took advantage of the fact that it was rainy and we caught up on laundry and other things we needed to do like eat and nap

After I got up from our nap, BW tells me she has a surprise for me and I am just going to have to get into the car - no questions asked.

“Are we going to the strippers?”, I ask?

“No”, she replied.

“The Apple Store?”


“Well then, that’s all I got”, I said and I have no idea what this suprise thing is all about. I now know how the dog feels -  you’re told to get into the car and you have no idea where your final destination

Turns out that when on holiday, your wife will get you a massage!

And OMG was it great! This lady knew her stuff and she was jumping on me and twisting me in ways I never knew I could bend.  I came out of there  feeling like I had melted, and gone to heaven.

After that we went to Wintzell’s Oyster House  and had a platter of oysters. If you ask me they were over priced and over-rated . Also, probably really bad for you. We decided to share a sampler platter and there was so much stuff on them that you really could not taste them as they had so much stuff on them. We essntially bought potato skins, but with oysters as the base instead.

Not really my cup of tea.

New Orleans or Bust

As we were so close to New Orleans (about 2 hours) it seemed a shame not to go - so on Wed we hit the highway and went to New Orleans.

The traffic was light as you would expect it to be mid-week and we had no problems getting there or even finding parking.

Our first stop was for a cup of coffee and bit of a bite and although we parked closer to the highway rather than closer to the action we were about twenty minutes walk so we decided to stop for latte and a treat before we went further.

Then we mosied down to the action and on the way BW saw a pair of gotta-have hand painted John Fluevog shoes, but thankfully they didn’t have her size so we left without. If she really needs thenm they have a store in Toronto or she can order them online. They did have a neat pair of boots for me though but I left them in the store.

And we did find  bourbon street and the street vendors and all the other touristy stuff but I think we had the most fun just wandering around the french quarter where it seemed to be much quieter and the architecture interesting and colorful.

We did hit Felixes for lunch and BW had the oysters and I had the jumbalya. I think BW’s oysters would have been the better choice. She said they weren’t very tasty. Yes, they tasted like the beach but.. they were so-so. But when in New Orleans you need to have oysters so mission accomplished.

To be honest, we liked Mobile better, so after a few hours we went home and were home by later in the afternoon.

We had an agreement where we would try to eat out every other night as it’s pricey but also we had a blue apron box in the fridge, and to be honest some of the meals were just as good as eating out and yet about half the price.

Another episode of house of cards and we were out.

The Last Beach Day


BW wanted to hit the beach. I agreed, as long as we could go to MudBugs one more time before we had to go home. It was a deal.


So, once again we placed our umbrella in the scenic location next to the garbage can and as before I just ate and read books.

BW was more adventurous and wanted to leave the shady sanctuary I had set up and so she ventured out to the ocean.

Want to know what’s in the ocean? Jellyfish!

Want to know what BW got bitten by?

So, it wouldn’t be a holiday without an injury - check.  Turns out that after a bit of googling there wasn’t much she could do but deal with it so she just duked it out. Thankfully the pain and itchyness stopped in a few hours so by dinnertime she was mostly fine.

One last trip for crawfish and then to WalMart for snacks for the road and to gas up the car and we were set for our drive home. Except for the trip home we were done.

Homeward Bound

We drove 11 hours and we’re still speaking to each other. I would call that a success. ?

Actually the drive wasn’t all that bad. We stopped in Knoxville Tennesse and were going to go for burgers but it was friday night in the hipster part of town (I think I was the only guy without a beard) so screw that. We lucked out, found free parking and thanks to Yelp we found some ramen at a bar of all places. It was just what we needed as we had more driving to do to get to our accommodations for the night in Hinton West Virginia

Want to see the fancy accomodations we had?

We stayed in a trailer in West Virgina! I don’t think I can be more adventurous.  Actually, to be fair it was a very nice and cozy accommodation for us as we were only there to sleep. It was as if we went back in time.

In the morning while BW was in the shower  I wandred around the town (all 2 blocks of it) and then we found a really nice place for breakfast. They were really nice and we had coffee and steamed milk. Although not really a breakfast place, she whipped some BLT’s for us. It was a pleasant surprise and much better than fast food we thought we might have to resort to.

Into the car we went to our  next stop - Lunch! (it seems our entire vacation was scheduled around the eating more than the doing).

All BW talked about the entire trip was the BBQ. Woodburn Shanks BBQ Pit was where we ended up and it was really nice. I’m not sure it would be worth the drive, but BW had different ideas so happy wife…

Back in the car we went after lunch and then before you knew it were were home. Let the laundry begin.


You know, I have had this post simmering for a few weeks now thinking that i would get more time/inspiration to write but that hasn’t been the case. It’s been so busy here this summer that you would think we were the Trump administration and it’s been hard to keep up with all the summer’s events.

So for now, I will leave all my four readers with some vacation pics and I hope to be back soon to fill you in on the rest of the excitement here.

Until next time…

TH and Co.

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