Can the Black MacBook take 8GB of RAM?

Can the Black MacBook take 8GB of RAM?  The short answer is no, you cannot install 8gb of MacBook RAM into a black MacBook, regardless of age. If it’s black, there’s no way  you can install 8GB of RAM into the black notebook from Apple Computer.

Now,  if Apple releases a new black MacBook then I’ll have to update this article at a later date and revise my comment above, but for the time being the maximum ram a black MacBook can take is up to 4GB of RAM for the later MacBook models.

8GB RAM for MacBook

8GB MacBook RAM

When the black MacBooks were first released in 2006 and subsequently 2007, the maximum ram supported by Apple for these MacBooks – both white and black – was a maximum of 2GB of RAM officially supported. But then some third party stores did some testing and found that even though the official maximum RAM for the MacBooks was 2GB this was before 2GB memory for MacBooks was even available so what they found was that even though the official maximum RAM was 2GB you could install 4gb of RAM with 2x2gb memory modules in these early MacBook models. The problem  was the OS and  motherboard was only designed to accept up to 3GB tops so even though you could get 4gb of RAM in the MacBooks only 3gb would show up. So if you have an older black MacBook, you may be able to get up to 3gb to show up when you buy 2x2gB memory modules for MacBook.

Then with later MacBook models (again, black or white) that were released in 2007 with the faster design and increased standard memory you could now see up to 6GB of RAM in a black notebook from Apple even though again the official stance from Apple was that a maximum 4GB of ram was supported. This in part is again due to the fact that 4gb ram chips for MacBooks came on the scene after the release of the MacBook models in 2007 so at the time 4gb was indeed the maximum ram for your black MacBook.  But later tests found that if you installed 4gb in one of the two ram upgrade slots and another 2gb memory module in the second ram slot the MacBook could use and recognize all 6gb of installed RAM. Technically, it’s not supported  by Apple but it works.

So although you can’t install 8GB of RAM into a Black MacBook, you may be able to max out your black MacBook RAM with either 2GB or 3GB or 6gb of RAM depending on what specific MacBook model you have.

The folks at OWC have a great resource that explains exactly how much ram the black MacBooks can accept and use. I recommend you refer to it if you have any further questions on upgrading black MacBook memory to the maximum allowed.