Can I Put 8GB of RAM into a MBP 2010 model?

Yes, you sure can install 8GB of memory into a 2010 MacBook Pro when it comes to maxing out the ram on your computer. I recommend doing this completely and fully. It is the best dollar you can spend on your Apple MacBook, besting in most cases any other upgrade you could imagine for your MacBook Pro.

For the 2010 MacBook Pro models, you will need to **buy 4GB x2 memory upgrades **and replace the factory ram from Apple (usually 2GB x 2)  with the larger 4GB Apple MacBook Pro RAM.  Some memory stores will buy back your old RAM, or you can sell the smaller memory modules online at such places like eBay or craigslist to help offset the cost of upgrading your 2010 MacBook Pro for maximum performance with the most ram allowable and recognizeable by your professional Apple Computer.

Best MacBook Pro Price

Best MacBook Pro Prices

MacBook Pro memory upgrades come in two flavors: generic and name brand. Both options are just fine, and the best ram for MacBook Pro is the memory you feel most comofortbale with. Name brand ram might offer value to you if you would prefer not to install generic ram, but the generic memory I track prices for will work just fine and you get the added benefit of saving money on memory upgrades – up to 50% off the name brand vendor but you still can trust the generic memory store as all memory stores I track prices for are reputable memory stores that have been with me for at very least a decade and offer money back gaurantees and warranties for your MacBook Pro RAM upgrade in the slight chance that there’s something wrong with your MacBook RAM, but it’s unlikely. In 14 years of monitoring ram prices, I can count the complaints about the memory stores I track on one hand and yet over the years I have helped thousands save money on memory upgrades.

Here’s some current prices on MacBook Pro 2010 memory:

8GB Memory Upgrade Kits for MacBook Pro (2010)

4GB Memory Upgrade modules for MacBook Pro (2010)