Buying a MacBook Pro: What's the Best?

Regardless of What MacBook Pro you decide on, you should buy more RAM as this is the best and cheapest MacBook Pro upgrade you can do.

This is a very good question, as with the release of the new MacBook Pros just over a month ago there’s some excellent choices as Apple now offers the MacBook Pro in many configurations that include different screen sizes, processor speeds and video card specifications too. Then, there’s the price on the MacBook Pros that start at just $1199. (this is a good deal, and only $200 more than a MacBook) and go all the way to $2499 for the 17 inch MacBook Pro which is the perfect choice for the desktop replacement.Best laptop

MacBook Pro models start at just $1199

If you determine ‘best‘ to equal cheapest MacBook Pro then your MBP of choice is the thirteen inch  MacBook Pro, and for a lot of us this is the  only way we could afford a MacBook Pro  as the prices for 15 inch MacBook Pro models hover closer to the two thousand dollar mark which can be a lot of money for some of us and could be a big price to justify considering  you can buy a best selling windows notebook for about one quarter of the cost.

I can’t really tell you what the best MacBook Pro is, as I have no idea what you value most. For some of us price is the most important factor and the 13 inch MBP is the best bet, yet for others all the screen real estate  and power they can squeeze out of  a MacBook Pro means you’ll be the most productive as possible and that means the 17 inch MacBook Pro is the perfect fit.

I  can tell you that currently the two best selling MacBook Pros are the lowest priced MacBook Pro – the 13.3 inch 2.3GHz model and another popular portable Mac is the Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.0 Ghz as these two MacBook Pros are priced under $2000.

The  13 inch MacBook Pro is the most popular notebook in 2011 thanks to the price/performance ratio, whereas the 15 inch MBP is a best selling Mac notebook as it feels much bigger than the 13.3 inch model but is a more common screen size than the 17 inch MacBook Pro which can be still pretty bulky if you plan on actually using this MacBook Pro as your primary Apple Mac Notebook computer, in my opinion – as  beautiful as that big screen may be.

One other thing to think about is processor speed and graphics. Personally,  I  tend to do a lot of tasks where the computer is waiting for me, such as writing so I’m  plunking away quite happily on a MacBook Pro 2008 Unibody model with 4GB of RAM and because  waiting a few more seconds for the wheel to spin is not a big deal. But if you plan on using your notebook for graphics or video than faster processors  and  video cards  just got a lot more  important and even if the cost of initial purchase  is going to be higher, you can benefit  from the  fastest notebook and get  more work done faster. In my particular case it’s going to take me the same time to type this on a  low end MacBook Pro than it is the fastest MacBook Prow money can buy.

Buying a MacBook Pro.

** When you’ve decided on what MacBook Pro you need to buy, you can **get a much better MacBook Pro deal at Amazon  than anywhere else with discounts available on all Apple products and not just Mac portables when you buy online and in most cases you’ll avoid sales taxes which on two thousand dollar computers can add up to a fair bit of coin and be a significant savings regardless of what MacBook Pro you decide to buy.

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