Buying a MacBook Pro. Should I get the 8GB Upgrade?

I was asked this question today:

Jim, I am buying a MacBook Pro, should I get the 8GB ram upgrade and who should I buy the ram from? Should I Buy the RAM from the Apple Store?

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There’s a few questions to answer there so let’s break this down into parts shall we?

Congrats on the MacBook Pro.  It’s a powerful computer that will work for you for some time depending on your needs.

Yes, I suggest maxing out the MacBook Pro with as much RAM as you can and for the MBP’s that’s 8GB of RAM and you get there by either buying an 8GB RAM Kit for the MacBook Pro or you buy 2x4GB RAM Upgrades individually, but you will need two of them.

And here’s why I think that you should max out the ram on the  MacBook Pro: It’s a professional computer and you’re going to drop at least $1500 to buy the professional laptop computer but you’re on the fence about memory upgrades, which cost a fraction of what you spent on the  Apple notebook itself but will offer probably the best value for your computing dollar. As I write this, 8GB for MacBook Pro will set you back about $250 for you to max out your ram and get some work done that will pay the bills. I guess it’s the economy but you’ve just spent a good chunk of change on a notebook but you won’t upgrade the RAM?

  1. Which brings us to the next question – where should you buy your MacBook Pro? The Apple Store is good but you’ll pay full load for it there. When pick up a MacBook Pro from Amazon you can save a few percentage points and use the savings to buy more RAM. If you do buy your MacBook Pro from Apple, you might be able to save some money as you can order the MBP filled with RAM as a custom configuration but I’m warning you: Apple RAM is not the cheapest RAM you can buy. But do the math as you might be better off getting the RAM and Computer from the same store to save you money.  Take the ten minutes or so to shop around and get the best price on a MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM, regardless of where you buy.
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