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When shopping for RAM you essentially have two choices when you are wanting to upgrade your computer with ram and memory. It doesn’t matter whether you have a notebook computer or a desktop computer you really only have two decisions to make when you’re ready to buy RAM.

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Best RAM Brand Kingston Crucial

Kingston Value RAM Best RAM Brands

Do want to save money on RAM?

**Do you want to buy the best ram brand you can buy? **

That’s it and under most conditions you can’t  have both. But what you can do is buy generic ram which is the cheaper RAM of the two and is also the ram price I list and track as every visitor to ramseeker is looking to buy the best ram at the best price, so generic it is. This way,  I am comparing prices on ram for the cheapest ram you can buy for your Apple Computer.

If you want to buy the best ram brand, buy the RAM from Apple.  But you’ll pay. Oh boy will you pay… but you do get peace of mind in that the best ram brand will be from the computer manufacturer. In Apple’s case it’s rare that they actually make the RAM so you’re probably buying Apple branded memory as opposed to memory that apple actually makes. My last MacBook came with Samsung memory installed if I recall correctly.

Most memory stores today carry both a cheaper generic ram, which runs fine for most applications and is much  much cheaper memory than the name brand stuff. But for those to drive a mercedes over a chevy, they’re willing to pay for the extra money and buy the name brand memory and the stores I list ram prices for also carry the name brand stuff too.

To summarize, when shopping for RAM you have options. You can save money on ram and buy the cheap ram or you can spend a little more and buy name brand ram  too.

Ultimately the choice is yours to make.