Buy a Mac for College or University Save up to $200 and Get $100 Gift Card

June 2012 Update: This year in 2012 Apple offers a pretty good deal for back to school purchases from the Apple Store.

When you purchase a Mac between June 11, 2012 and September 21, 2012  you’ll also get a $100 back to school gift card for use for Apps, Books, Movies or Music.

When you purchase an iPad between June 11, 2012 and September 21, 2012 you’re eligible for a $50 Back To School Gift Card

This back to school gift card offer is in addition to any Apple Education discounts you may be eligible for. Faculty and staff members from any grade level are also available for a discount.

Apple Education Discount Qualifications

To be eligible for an education discount from Apple you need to be a college student, a student accepted to a college or a parent buying a Mac or an iPad on behalf of a student for the upcoming year.

2012 Apple Education Discounts

Save up  to $200 of a MacBook Pro

Save up to $50 off a MacBook Air

Save up to $100 off an iMac

Interestingly, there is no discount for buying an iPad, but you still are entitled to the discount.

Overall, these are pretty good discounts and if you include the gift cards in the back to school promotions  from Apple this year you could save up to $200 and get a 100 dollar gift card – that’s a discount of  $300 when compared to buying  your Mac at tull price from the Apple Store.

The summer deal on Apple Mac Computers for Students, in my opinion this year isn’t half as good or enticing as it has been in previous years where you could buy a Mac and get a free iPod which would make for a more logical deal than this year’s offering that sees Apple promoting their App Store more than their iPod lineup.

The good news with this is that on select Macs you can save up to $200 with educational prices being offered AND you get $100 worth of software to start the school year off with from Apple’s relatively new App Store, which might be a better deal for your pocketbook in the long term than in past years where you got an iPod for free.

MacBooks are available starting at $899, MacBook Pro’s at $1099, MacBook Airs at  $949 **and **iMacs at $1149 which works out to the following discounts before you add the $100 App Store credit:

MacBook : $100 savings

MacBook Pro: up to $200 savings

**MacBook Air: save $50 **

**iMac: Save $100 **

One interesting  thing I noted with this deal is that the Mac Mini, Apple’s cheapest Mac isn’t listed, but I find  odd, considering students don’t have a lot of money to buy Apple computers  I thought that this would be one of the first choices for students entering college, as it ‘s currently  the cheapest Apple computer you can buy. Also, the only desktop available is the iMac. You don’t get educational pricing with this deal on the Mac Pro it seems.

RAM for all these computers cost a lot more money at Apple (see MacBook Pro RAM Prices for example) and you’re much better off if you buy RAM for much less with all the money you saved, and in the case of the MacBook Pro, you could fill the notebook with much cheaper RAM, and still have $100 in your pocket plus the App Store credit too if you buy RAM for the MacBook Pros that works just as well and is at the time I write this – over $300 cheaper than the memory  from the Apple Store. You might not get a free iPod as you may have in recent years, but you still could end up with what essentially could be a free RAM Upgrade for your back to school notebook computer, $100 in your pocket, and a $100 credit from the App Store too.