Hey, does anybody know how or when to preemptively determine when the gas on the barbecue is going to run out? I’ve been doing a a lot of ‘grilling’  as it tends to be called here and  I figure it’s a matter of time. I see a half cooked chicken breast in my future.

But, I did manage to burn the heck out of my pork chop tonight. I had the heat way too high (thought I had turned it down) and before you can say dinnertime, it was more of a charcoal morsel  than anything that was recognizeable and one might want to eat.  I found if you take a  burned to death hunk of meat and run it over the lemon zester a few times to grind off the gnarly bits the thing isn’t really too bad. Martha stewart, eat your heart out.

Speaking of burned, I have a story that happened earlier this  week: Despite the fact that we’re 5000+ miles away from each other we both didn’t have the best of Sundays. Me - I had doors fly around in the air and BW gave herself a 2nd degree burn.

Travelers tip number 1: If you’re going to burn yourself, do it with me by your side so I can help.

BW has odd (well, to my standards) living arrangements while in Paraguay. She’s in a dorm style accomodation while she’s there but the get this: the kitchen is outside. I can’t fathom this. I can’t see her getting  up all cheery (yeah, right)  and going  outside to  make her own coffee. Heck  when she’s here the complaint dept starts with minutes if I don’t jump up and make her a fresh brew as soon as she’s standing

Back to the story - in her outdoor kitchen BW was making some meat pie in her outdoor oven and because the stove is outside it’s gas and you light it with a match. This, my friends is where things go wrong. BW turned on the gas but because the kitchen is  outside, so were the matches- which were wet.

You know where this is going right?  Lots of gas and no match to light and with the  gas just hanging about for sometime and then when the match does finally light all that gas in the oven BW’s arm is still there. Fire and arms do not mix.  So, after not listening to me, she finally gets it through her head that maybe this pain on her now  hairless arms is not going to go away and maybe she should you know,** go to a hospital**. About an hour later she’s back with a bandage all across her arm and a husband saying “ I told you so”.

She’s fine now, and life lesson learned. Don’t play with matches, BW.

Other news:

** I  walked thedog  and cut the grass. Tomorrow, I paint lawn furniture if I can find the stain  downstairs.

BW sent a note goodbye while I was out and we’re incommunicado for the weekend so now’s the time to get in trouble,  I’m thinking. She did say she was off  to catch her bus, but also  - BTW did I see that Sprint had a new cell phone offer?

I am the official cellular phone shopper here in the USA, and here I find (like pretty much everything else) there’s a smorgasbord of options  when it comes to cellular plans - I think there’s 4 major companies and new plans changing all the time. Today sprint offers unlimited  for life and yesterday T-mobile now offers you a new phone every 6 months.

We’re still locked into our  contract with Verizon until summer’s end and after calling and knocking over $100 off our bill we’re petty happy with verizon so we might just see what happens in the fall. I’d like a new iPhone I think. I thought  I could do with an Android  phone but I think I’ll go back to drinking the Apple k0ol-aid this time around again.

The thing is after you decipher all the different options and features the money is about a wash. BW goes to Canada more than  I do some months so we need to call to and  from the great white north and to there as well so we’ll probably just stick with the provider we have, get new phones and sign another contract.

We also don’t really use our phones that much. Heck, mine doesn’t ring for days and I could really dial back the clock ten years and get a landline again. I use my phone more as a remote control  than a phone and with the both of us working together in the office we don’t even really need to call each other. We really can ‘reach out and touch someone’ ? 

And with that, I hope you’re having fun Friday night, wherever you are. This is day 3 in a row of blogging here so fingers crossed, maybe I can do it again tomorrow. I should have some freshly painted lawn furniture to show off tomorrow.

Sleep Tight, BW.