yea, she wrote a book

This is a celebratory post.

As I write this, there’s a Fedex box on the kitchen table and in it are the the contents of BW’s first of many books ready to be sent off to her publisher.

Yes, you read that right.** Her publisher.** As in, published author. As in - you can soon buy the book on Amazon.  I mean how cool is that? Really cool, that’s what.

A bit of a backstory:

BW is a professional.  As in career. You know, day. job. ( I still shudder when I hear those two words together ) and unlike you know who, there’s diplomas on the walls, and more books here in the house than I ever thought possible. To summarize, she’s smart.  Pretty too.

And to you, you might just see a pile of file folders in a box, but to us - this is a pretty big deal. This is like, life changing big deal. (professionally anyway).

So you can imagine, my surprise when she told me on date one that she’s writing a book. This was before my blogging carreer here and the most I had written was my online dating profile and how I love pina colodas and walks in the rain. And, ever since that day, it’s been the book, the book, the book. Chapters and introductions and rewrite’s - oh my.

I won’t lie - this hasn’t been easy. There’s been tears (mine), and lots of reads and error checks (me, for starters -and  then it went to the higher ups) and sleepless nights getting this pile of words accepted, and ready for publication. This is a far cry from starting a blog let’s say where all you need  is ten bucks, a cup of coffee and a half  an hour or so to bang out pearl after pearl of wisdom and hope you don’t get sued.

Nope, this is different. We’re talking footnotes and appendixes  and stuff I don’t even know. Accents and quotes and formatting and chapters and introductions. Now, I don’t want to  burst your bubble, but this book is more technical in nature and will appeal to a very specific  readership. This aint’ no ‘shades of gray’.  More, like ‘define dry’. : )

But it’s done. Finished. Gone.

And now that this monkey is off our backs and in the Fedex box awaiting pickup,  we’ve got nothing to do but ask ourselves…

What will the next book be about? (Lord, help me)

Seriously though:  I’m proud  of you, BW. You told me you were going to write this book, and you did. Just like you said you would, on date one. Thanks for letting me stick around to see the you send this book of yours out the door.