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]( Black MacBooks are now a long discontinued Apple notebook computer being replaced by  a much less fingerprint prone white MacBook but I always thought the Black  MacBooks looked much cooler than the white MacBooks or even the silver MacBook Pros currently on sale.

It’s been a few years since the Black MacBook models were available so it should come as no surprise that these MacBook models take and accept  less RAM than the more modern unibody MacBook models available today.

As far as Maximum RAM for the Black MacBooks, the answer to this question will depend on the source. According to Apple the Black MacBooks can accept and use up to 4Gb on the later 2008 models, but some memory vendors claim to be able to run 6GB of black MacBook memory without trouble, but it’s always been my policy to tow the company line and  stick to the maximum memory upgrades as quoted by Apple. Your mileage may vary…

For older MacBook models in black, the maximum memory was a paltry 2GB (when compared to today’s 4GB maximum) of PC2 5300 DD2 SDRAM sodimms that the black MacBook requires to run.  Again, some memory stores claimed 3GB would  work in the black MacBooks thanks to 2GB installed in one of the two memory upgrade slots available for upgrade but again, Apple says it will take 2GB maximum, so this is the maximum amount I suggest. To do so, you will have to replace the smaller sized factory memory (usually 2x512mb)  and install 1GB x 2 for a maximum of 2GB on the black MacBook models.

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