Birthday Girl Gone Wild

What does one think of when it comes to birthdays? I think of cards, and cake and maybe a cheesy dollar store happy birthday banner

I brought her coffee in bed and made her her lunch before she went to school, and  then when dinnertime came we went to her favorite restaurant and she had plate after plate of ‘delicisousness’  that I wouldn’t touch, but hey - it’s her birthday so if she wants to eat rabbit, she can go right ahead - it’s her day.

One would think that after a day of meals, and cards, and balloons and banners that would be enough - yes?

Not if you’re my wife. 

What is the last thing one would do after a nice birthday dinner out?

I bet none of you guessed: Go drive around the city in the dark looking for “Lloyd’s Taco Truck’, that supposedly is going to be “in the park”. somewhere. That’s what we ended up doing because it was her birthday and she wanted to have dulce de leche pudding from the Taco truck for dessert.

We drove, and drove, and drove for over 20 minutes around town in the dark until finally, the big bright lights of the taco truck greeted us as we pulled up alongside. We hop out of the car and then she announces: “I’m going to have a taco too”.

This is when I went back to the car and counted to ten.

Not 20 minutes prior we just put away $100 worth of dinner, so  one would think that would be plenty, but apparently when BW hears the siren call of the taco she must partake, even if  it does not make one lick of gastronomical sense whatsoever. And, while we’re there, she’ll get the dessert too.

Of course, I know how this ends and it’s never good.

Right now she’s rolling around in bed complaining of a stomach ache.

Hey, it’s her party and she’ll cry if she wants too - but she has to get her own Tums