Best SSD Hard Drives for 2011


** Seagate Momentus XT 500GB**

This hard drive from Seagate, designed for all notebook PC’s but compatible with Apple MacBook  Pros and MacBooks as well offers a unique hybrid technology allowing you to benefit from the speed of solid state hard drive technology  but offers a much more affordable price when compared to the much higher priced SSD hard drives and is one of the best SSD disk hard drives available today. If your budget for an SSD hard drive is under $100 then this hard drive from Seagate might be the solution for those that can’t justify the high prices SSD hard drives still demand

OCZ Technology Vertex 2 60GB

The OCZ Technology Vertex 2 60GB SSD drive offers an affordable way to  enter the still pricey SSD hard drive category. Priced at just a touch over $100, this 60GB SSD hard drive features a SATA interface and a slim 2.5 inch design that with a life expectancy of over 2 million hours you’re sure to get compatible with all operating systems from Windows XP and up  and MacOS systems as well, it’s no wonder this SSD hard drive is one of the better selling SSD drives today

Crucial Technology REAL SSD C300 128GB

The Crucial REAL SSD C300 128GB solid state hard drive one more solid state hard drive that offer ‘scorching fast’ read and write transfer rates up to 355MBs this solid state hard drive is favorite and recommended SSD hard drive for those that work daily with audio and video.

OCZ Technology Vertex 2 128GB

If you’re an early adapter to SSD hard drive technology then the vertex 2 128GB ssd drive will be attractive in part to the balance of price and performance this solid state drive offers. The vertex 2 technology excels in simultaneous read and write transfer rates and is sure to make even the slowest PC faster thanks to the speed that the SSD technology offers.

OCZ Technology Vertex 3 120GB

Vertex 3 technology offers even more performance from a SSD hard drive from OCZ, but still priced well below MSRP, the vertex 3 is designed with a faster read/write rate of up to 550MB/s, much faster than the vertex2 technology that caps out at maximum 285MB/s, the Vertex 3 120gb solid state drives performs close to twice as fast as the slower Vertex 2 solid state hard drives

Above are the top five SSD hard drives on sale in 2011 and offer much more affordable or cheaper SSD hard drive prices than what was available in 2011 as SSD prices continue to drop this year thanks in part to more demand and also as the SSD hard drive technology matures.

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