Best RAM Memory for 13 inch MacBook Pro

The best memory upgrades for 13 inch Apple MacBook Pro is up to you. I can’t tell you what memory is the best MacBook pro ram, but I can tell you the best prices on MacBook Pro memory upgrades which is probably what you mean when you asked me this question.

**Best Prices for 13 inch MacBook Pro RAM Upgrades **

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Best MacBook Pro Price

I can also recommend just a few memory stores where you can buy ram for MacBook Pro and get a great deal on MBP RAM.  You will get a much better deal buying ram from any one of the memory stores I list and track prices for  than if you were to upgrade the memory from Apple. Apple RAM is just fine, but you will pay for the pleasure  of buying ram for your MacBook Pro directly from Apple. It’s quite possible to pay close to twice as much than if you were to buy ram from a respectable and trusted third party memory store.

The latest MacBook Pro 13 inch models accept up to 8GB of RAM and I suggest  you complete this upgrade as the 8GB RAM for MacBook Pros have dropped in price considerably –  I see now for the first time you can buy MacBook Pro RAM  for under $100 from some memory upgrade stores. Not too long ago the same memory would cost you close to $1000 for 8GB of MacBook Pro RAM.

This advice applies to  all Apple MacBook Pro models currently shipping, not just the 13 inch model as though the case and screen size might be smaller on the 13inch MacBook Pro, the memory  requirements are exactly the same for the 15 inch and 17 inch MacBook Pro’s too.

What you want to consider when buying the best MacBook Pro RAM is price, sure   – but also warranty in the rare occassion you do get stuck with a bad ram chip you want the piece of mind that comes with a lifetime warranty when shopping for memory upgrades for any Mac, not just the laptop Mac computers.