Best RAM for Mac Mini

What’s the** **best ram for mac mini?. That’s a question I get and have to answer a lot here so I thought I’d write this to help you when you need to decide on buying mac mini ram.

With the release of the new Apple Mac Mini, Apple’s offering a very powerful computer that’s tiny but if you’ve already have a keyboard and mouse and monitor you can save some money and  just buy a mac mini. Lots of buyers of the mac mini also are using these small apple computers as media servers as more and more entertainment is available to buy online.

Best Price on Mac Mini

Best Price on Mac Mini

Anyway, the RAM for Apple Mac Mini

If you have the original mac mini that uses PC2700 RAM you might be better off upgrading the mac mini to a newer mac mini model as these tiny macs,while small are getting a wee bit dated and adding RAM may or may not be the best deal depending on how you plan on using the mac mini.

That said, I’ll let you decide and you here’s where you can buy the best price on ram for the older mac minis that used the PC2700 so-dimms from a few years back now.

Next up, are the intel core duo and intel core 2 duo mac minis. These are a much better deal and until a month or so ago were the most current mac mini you could buy. These mac minis use the much more technologicially advanced so-dimms that are DDR2 PC5300. The intel core 2 duo mac minis full of ram are a great deal if you can find one for cheap. Tecnically apple states that you should have a ‘apple authorized’ service center install ram on this (and all mac minis, unless they have changed this)  but it doesn’t take long and you can do it yourself easily enough. Chances are if you’re looking to upgrade an intel core 2 duo mac mini the warranty is gone anyway (unless you have applecare).  Best prices for Mac Mini PC5300 DDR sodimms are right here.

Lastly, the new Mac Minis. I’ve written above how these are a great deal so I’ll spare you  but the big deal in my mind is that you can now fill a mac mini with 8GB of RAM (4gbx2) if you choose, just like the MacBooks – it’s the same ram for Mac Minis. Until recently the  most ram you could install in a Mac Mini was 4GB. Not anymore – with 8GB of ram or memory the new Mac Mini is a powerful and versatile apple computer and also the cheapest mac you can buy.