Best RAM for iMac 27 inch 3.2GHz


What is the best iMac RAM and where can buy RAM for iMacs the cheapest? This is one question I answer multiple times daily.

In this case, we’re looking to upgrade the memory on the Apple iMac 27 inch 3.2Ghz, which is a summer 2010 Apple iMac, and at the time one of the biggest and fastest Apple iMacs you can buy today, so it makes absolutely perfect sense to upgrade the RAM on this Apple iMac model to maximize the performance of this iMac which is still a current model in 2011.

Best Price Apple iMac

The iMac 27 inch 3.2Ghz features an Intel i3 dual core processor (with a nickname of clarkdale) and out of the box from Apple ships with just 4GB of RAM installed, so there’s plenty of room for RAM upgrades with this big screen high speed iMac. All 2010 Apple iMac models, including this one can accept 16GB of RAM, allowing you to effectively quadruple the memory upgrades on the iMac models released earlier last year in 2010.

Today’s Cheapest iMac RAM Prices

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As you can see from the Apple iMac RAM Prices above, RAM upgrades for the Apple iMac are pretty cheap and you can upgrade the 3.2Ghz Apple iMac to the maximum RAM allowed of 16GB for under $100 now. RAM for iMacs wasn’t always this cheap and just a few short years ago 8GB of RAM for iMacs would have set you back more than the Apple iMac itself with a $1000 price tag for 8GB of iMac RAM.

But the good news is technology marches on and prices get cheaper, and now that 16GB RAM for iMacs have been around for a while it makes no sense to me why you wouldn’t want to upgrade any iMac RAM to the maximum allowed.

**How To Upgrade iMac 27 inch 3.2Ghz


Once you have bought the RAM for iMac 27 inch 3.2GHz, it’s really easy to install the ram yourself, and Apple even provides instructions on how to do so which as you can see is pretty easy. Place the iMac face down, raise the stand, remove the door covering the memory slots and you will have easy access to the four iMac memory upgrade slots for memory upgrade installation.

This particular Apple iMac model (this applies to all 2010 iMacs) require DDR3 1333Mhz SDRAM sodimms. To get to the maximum of 16GB of RAM for Apple iMacs you will have to remove the factory installed iMac RAM (which you can trade in at time of purchase. OWC is just one vendor who will buy back your Apple RAM, saving you even more money on your total iMac upgrade) and replace it with 4x 4GB DDR3 SDRAM sodimms. Some memory stores also sell iMac memory in upgrade kits – more for marketing than anything else, but you should check both 16GB DDR3 RAM kits and 4GB DDR3 RAM modules for Apple iMacs if you want to get the very best deal on Apple desktop computer memory.

**Best RAM for IMac 3.2GHz 27 inch


I’m always reluctant to recommend any one vendor because there’s so many different variables when it comes to choosing the best RAM for you and your iMac. If you’re interested in price only, then the table above shows you the lowest iMac RAM prices available right now, but don’t forget about other variables too, such as free shipping on RAM, shipping times, trade in allowances if applicable and the speed you need the RAM delivered. Then we get to the generic RAM vs name brand RAM. Most memory stores offer you a choice when shopping for RAM: You can buy the cheapest RAM, which is usually generic memory or name brand RAM from Samsung or Kingston or Crucial RAM. With the crucial RAM, you get a name brand, but you’ll pay more for it and the price premium may or may not be worth the price when it comes to choosing the best RAM – iMac or otherwise. I can tell you that if you buy RAM from any of the memory stores I list here you’ll be buying memory from a reputable memory seller who happily will support the same both pre-sale and post sale in the rare event you have any problems with your iMac RAM.