Best Prices on Computer RAM

But for the most of you, when you are in the market for best prices of any kind and for any product – not just computer memory upgrades, the term best equals cheapest price and when it comes down to best computer memory upgrade prices for your Apple, HP, Sony or Dell computer, to name a few popular brands.

The kicker is the word ‘best‘. For some, this the word best means cheapest computer ram, for others the word best might mean best computer support and for the last bunch it could all be about the best computer ram brands that is most important.The Best Prices on Computer RAM is the one of the questions I get asked and I answer every day.


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This means that with a few rare exceptions you will be in the market for generic RAM if price is king when it comes to shopping for RAM and you need to buy memory for your new computer. Sometimes, you can get lucky and pick up name brand RAM from Kingston or Crucial cheaper than the no name RAM but for most applications generic RAM is where you should be shopping for.

Lucky for you I track and monitor the best, or cheapest RAM prices for Apple but also PC manufacturers such as Sony, Dell, HP and Toshiba to name a few of the best selling PC manufacturers.

When shopping for the best computer ram prices or even hard drives too – all you need to do is visit a few websites and write down the price you see on the site of the memory store.

For example, if you need to buy iMac RAM for a 2010 summer Apple iMac, the generic RAM is going to be much cheaper deal than if you had bought the RAM from Apple, which tends to ship their Macs with Samsung or Micron RAM upgrades, which are both name brand memory and not the cheaper ram that you want to buy. Apple, Dell and all charge a lot for RAM because they can. It’s assumed by a lot of consumers that because they make the computer they must be the best place to buy RAM too, and that’s not always the case.

You should always shop online and do a bit of research when ram shopping. Some memory stores not only offer free shipping, but some have limited time deals on memory and offer deals and discounts on your RAM purchase too. You can also use competitor’s pricing to see if you can get a better deal on RAM than the listed price, especially if you are buying RAM upgrades in bulk for your office or school needs where you plan to upgrade more than one PC at a time.

The one disadvantage to buying cheap RAM is that there is no brand associated with the memory. This can be a good thing as you’re not paying for the brand, and just the memory upgrade itself but where you could find problems with the best RAM is with customer support as quite a few memory ‘stores’ are just that when it comes to generic RAM. They buy the memory upgrades in bulk, test the RAM and compete on price alone for the cheapest RAM you can buy. This could be a problem if the memory store is less than reputable so it’s a good idea to check the ratings of the store you buy ram in the rare instance that you do have issues with the cheap ram you buy.

If you take your time and buy memory from a store you can trust at a price you can afford, you will not only enjoy the savings benefit of buying the best RAM but also know that in the rare case you do have memory problems, the memory store you buy from will be there with the memory help and support you need.