Best Of Tidy Husband. 2012 Edition.

Well, I guess it’s time to wrap up 2012 and  I think there’s no better time to look back at some of  the funnier/better events that took place here. We spent a few minutes picking out our ‘best of 2012’ on new year’s eve (Yeah, we’re losers. Also we were in bed before midnight) and so without further delay I present to you our best of:

ps: click the titles to read the stories.


BW with Box on Head

This definitely is the number 1 and we still get a laugh every time with this one:








The Dog Got a Little Fat


It’s 5 am. I don’t measure so well and guess on the high side. The dog doesn’t seem to mind, but her figure is  a little more wobbly.





She’s a horrible leaf raker

Leaf Blower

The dog had fun though..



Green Card Day


I’m a resident of the USA after a whole lotta paperwork




 I told you she was smart


The New York Times thinks so too.




Nothing Like a Drive To the Poconos


When your wife doesn’t read the small print





I’m being watched. All. The. Time





Honey, I’m Home. And I Feel Fine.




We grew a garden. Yes, we did




and last but not least, the one and only thing I need to learn from our adventures this past year and that is:


Rule Number 1


Do not, under any circumstances volunteer to paint when your wife goes away. Husbands worldwide: heed my advice.


There’s many more, but these are a few of our favorites from the year gone by (not even, I didn’t start this until May) and just look at all the fun we’ve had.

Thanks to all four of our faithful  readers. We have had too much fun with this silly little blog and I’ve laughed and typed on more than one occasion and usually at my wife’s expense.

We had a whole whack of fun this year and we can’t wait to see what the new year holds. It’s going to be really hard to beat putting a cardboard box on your wife’s head and then photographing it and putting it on the internet, but I’ll try to do my best this coming  year.

Happy New Year!

BW and Tidy Husband.