Best Notebook Computer Brands and Best Selling Laptops

Well, we all know I’m a big fan of one particular computer brand but there’s others. But not everybody drinks the koolaid and is willing to pay the premium that my favorite computer brand and there’s lots of other brands from major manufacturers of best selling notebooks in 2011. When you’re in the market for a new notebook computer you you’ve got more than one brand choice when you’re shopping for the best selling laptops 2011 has to offer so far.

The Apple MacBook Pro is the best notebook Apple makes

If you haven’t figured this out by now, I am a tad bit biased when it comes to shopping for a new notebook, but lots of you aren’t willing to pay the premium when it comes to the price that Apple demands for their laptops and with their lowest priced or cheapest laptop costing you at least $999 for the best price on a brand new Apple notebook, that’s a lot of coin for some of us (me too) and much cheaper Windows 7 notebooks are available for under $200 if you do a bit of online shopping.



Best Toshiba Notebook. About half the price of the Apple notebook above.

Toshiba to me, although perhaps not as well know  as HP or Dell, always seemed to me to make a superior product in my limited knowledge when it comes to Windows OS PC Brands. I have had a few opportunities to shop for a windows notebook, because even though I’ve confessed my love for Apple,  theree’s some things the Mac OS can’t do, and I’ve never had good look running Parallels, software that lets yuu run windows on your Mac and prefer  to just buy a PC notebook and the Toshibas always tended  to look like a higher quality  PC to my admittedly  untrained knowledge when it  comes to notebooks.

And this is where Windows PC’s just beat Apple hands down, and that’s price. Where the best selling notebook from Apple has a street price of about $1100 or maybe a bit more, the most popular Toshiba notebook  sits with a street price of  just over $500, or half the price of the Apple notebook above.



Cheapest Acer Notebook Today

Acer, when compared to Toshiba is a relatively newer notebook  manufacturer (please correct me if I’m wrong), at least when compared to the bigger brand names of  notebooks such as Apple or HP or Dell, but one thing that Acer, and to an extent all makers of notebook computers is price. When compared to the Apple notebook  above, the best selling acer notebook can be had for under $400 online. That’s one third the price of the  Apple MacBook Pro, and depending on your needs you might be better off buying two acer notebooks with one for work and one for  home still costing you  less than what Apple charges.  For $400, you can’t really compare when it comes to performance but for light computing needs an Acer Computer would do just fine.



One of the Better Notebooks from HP This Year

Hewlett Packad is a very well known computer maker, not just of latpop computers, but desktop computers, printers in both inkjet and laser format and a host of  other electronics including digital cameras and more. HP have  done really well to brand  themselves as more of a higher end computer maker and although the do make cheaper notebooks they really shine lately when it comes to entertainment PCs as the line between computer and TV are getting more and more blurry. Once, just used for word processing and desktop publishing, modern HP notebooks in 2011 feature stereo built in speakers, fast graphics for video and  in some models, even a remote control is included in the price.



Dell Inspiron is on of the cheaper notebooks made by Dell.

Dell can offer lowest prices on notebooks as this was one of the first computer brands to ship direct to the consumer and although in 2011 there are a few exceptions, your Dell notebook comes straight from Dell, eliminating any costs that resellers add  to notebook computer. This results in some of the cheapest notebooks available today. Over the years Dell has grown to sell everything from dell branded HDTV’s to desktop computers, but some of the core reasons to shop for a dell is for their affordable inspiron notebooks like the 15 inch dell notebook on sale pictured above.