Best Memory for MacBook Pro 2010 and 2011 and 2012

Update: I orginally wrote this is 2010, and now that 2011 MacBook Pros are readily available  I  thought it might be wise to update the MacBook Pro memory chart below to include 2011 Apple MacBook Pro Memory Prices as well.

The ram below is for the February 2011 Apple MacBook Pro models and can accept up to 8GB of RAM, according to Apple and 16Gb if you ask a few other memory stores. I don’t recommend you install more than 8GB of memory as this is the maximum MacBook Pro memory specification as indicated by Apple.

The Best Memory for MacBook Pro 2010 really just needs to be cheap, good and meet  apple’s standards for memory upgrades.

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That’s  it.

What  I can tell you is that the MacBook Pro’s for 2010 have two slots and with the spring 2010 refresh, all the MacBook Pros can now accept up to 8 GB of  RAM.

You’ll need to buy DDR3 1066 SDRAM so-dimms and I suggest visiting one of the memory stores I already track prices for as these guys both know their stuff and have MacBook memory in stock and ready to ship. If you want, you can pay a bit more and buy crucial memory and you’re paying for the brand name and all those full color glossy ads in the magazines. But they offer a a good product at  a pretty competetive price.

they are not the cheapest around for MacBook Pro RAM so if every penny and dollar counts, check for prices on MacBook Memory and find the beat deal on ram for the MacBook Pro’s that you can and go with it. The RAM for the MacBook Pros is  easy to install. I found the bottom of the MacBook case to be a bit fiddly to get off but once I had it’s just a matter of slipping out the old ram and installing two four gig MacBook ram chips if you’re looking to upgrade to the full 8GB on the MacBook Pros.

Can you get away with 4GB?  Sure and if you’re doing most emailing and web browsing you’ll be fine. But it is my opinion you should max out the MacBook pro memory. You have  paid apple for pro features anyway so you might as well dip into your pockets just a bit more and get the most ram you can possibly install with a MacBook Pro. Ram for the MacBook Pros is pretty cheap these days and you’ll never have enough ram.

But there really is no Best Memory for MacBook Pro’s. Buy from a company that specializes in Apple RAM and you’ll do fine.