Best Memory Compatibility Checker Helps you Buy RAM

One of the very first questions you need to ask when shopping for a new computer is what type of ram do I need? And the second being what type of ram does my computer need and once you have this data you can go shopping for ram online and get the best price on your computer memory upgrade. The Best Memory Compatibility Checker can help you do this easily.

But what if all you know is your computer name? Or, for a lot of computer models the computer name is a long line of numbers that doesn’t exactly roll off the tip of your tongue with ease. An example might be the computer I am using to type this article with: an Acer Aspire 5552-7474. This is a pretty long name for a computer when you compare it to a more palatable name like Apple iMac, and it’s hard to figure out what RAM you need for both computers.

With the cheap Acer, you have to be sure you buy the ram for that specific computer as Acer makes many notebook computers from the smallest netbook computer to the the fastest, you need to be sure you install the right RAM for you PC, because it’s possible  to fry your computer if  you install the wrong ram into your notebook or desktop.

With the Apple iMac, in 2011 there’s 5 different Apple iMac models, and who knows what a 2012 Apple iMac will bring and how many models that Apple will release next year. You need to be sure, again, that you buy the  right ram for your Apple iMac  as all iMac memory does not  work in all computers.

Check Your Memory Upgrades Before You Buy

One of the best ways to be absolutely certain you get the right ram for your Mac or PC every time is to use a memory configurator of some sort to assist you in buying the right ram for your PC and these sometimes can be called Memory Compatibility Checker or some other name like memory finder tool or ram search, or  if you already know the RAM you need than you can just shop by type. If you know  you need to buy DDR3 1333Mhz sodimms for your  notebook, many memory stores list the RAM by memory  speed which makes it easy to buy ram.

One of the better ram checkers or tools to use is from Crucial technology as this memory store not only offers  a memory checker for every computer ever introduced,  they offer a gaurantee  that the memory you buy for your computer will work with your PC, which is something a lot of other computer memory stores don’t offer. They will happily sell you ram, but you should be sure to get the best deal by confirming the ram is indeed the right ram for your computer.

Regardless of what memory store you buy RAM from, the use of a Memory Compatibility Checker is a fantastic tool to get the best ram at the best price every time.