Best MacBook Pro RAM

The best MacBook Pro RAM is best price you can get for MacBook Pro Memory.

You might prefer to order RAM directly from Apple. Yes, it’s expensive for what it is (you’re more than halfway to a new MacBook). But you do get great support from Apple in the slight chance that something goes wrong. For no other reason Apple won’t be able to give you a hard time for non-apple memory if you have MacBook Pro problems down the road (hey, it’s possible). Apple won’t be able to give you the run around about not using apple memory and might blame the bad ram on the third party ram.

But I know a better way to get the best MacBook Pro RAM and it sure doesn’t include Apple. In fact, I’ve got a handy-dandy price lis of all ram for MacBook pros from very reputable online memory stores that appreciate and respect the Apple user and customer. In the past the list used to be longer but after a while I got tired of all the complaints about certain online stores (you know who you are) so I’ve settled on this bunch of memory stores to list MacBook Pro RAM prices as they offer fair prices on MacBook Pro memory and in the small chance you do have problems with your MacBook ram, they will be there for you just like Apple will but at least they’ll be a lot cheaper than apple memory.

Best MacBook Pro RAM

DDR3 1066 for MacBook Pro is the memory type you want and if you’ve got a Spring 2010 MacBook Pro (or some older MBP’s too) you can upgrade to the maximum of 8GB of RAM and I suggest you do to get the most out of your MacBook Pro. You spent a good dollar on your MacBook Pro to get the fancy extra firewire, faster processor, light up keyboard and a bunch of other features, so it seems silly to me to scrimp on RAM. RAM prices for MacBook Pros have dropped considerably for the 1066 DDR 3 memory and now what you would have paid over$1000 for you can now buy 8GB of RAM for MacBook Pros for less – about $250 as I write this. That’s about half what you’d pay if you bought from Apple too. There’s nothing wrong with Apple RAM but you pay for it. Even brand name ram like Crucial is loads cheaper for MacBook Pro RAM.

Buy the most RAM you can afford for your MacBook Pro and you won’t regret buying MacBook Pro RAM as your MacBook will be topped up and running at maximum performance too, and that’s the best MacBook Pro RAM – The maximum RAM in your MacBook Pro at an affordable price you are comfortable with when shopping and buying ram for your MacBook Pro.