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Wow. I’ve already written about how I think that dropping almost 3 large for computer RAM on Mac Pros right now is just flushing money down the toilet. If I know one thing when it comes to ram prices, especially for the Mac Pro RAM Prices and it’s this:

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RAM Prices for Mac Pro will drop over time. Even with the newer 1333 MHz RAM for the Mac Pros it was only about a week ago or so that you would have to pay just a touch under $3,000 for Mac Pro 64GB but as I write this the ram prices drop and drop – especially for the bigger chips such as 64GB as there’s more room for price drops. Let’s say a 4gb memory upgrade module drops in price of ten dollars. It’s possible. If you do the math you save ten dollars for 4GB so you’ll save $160 assuming the same discount on the larger Mac Pro Memory Kit. Now, technically you’d need 8x8GB to get to 64Gb so my example is flawed from the start but not really. With few exceptions, 1gb costs ten bucks than 2gb will cost twenty and 4gb will be at $40. There might be a small ‘pricing discount’ to get you to buy ram and the 4GB chip might have a price of $39, but we’re splitting hairs.

Let’s have a look at today’s prices for Mac Pro. And these are the Best Mac Pro Memory Prices at time of writing so you should always check for current Apple Mac Pro RAM Prices as your mileage may vary. :)

best mac pro ram prices

As you will see, the 8gb Mac Pro  RAM costs $272. The price for 16GB Mac Pro RAM? about double at $556, and double again for 32gb of RAM for Mac Pro (actually it seems you pay a bit of a premium for the bigger ram for Mac Pro in this example)

Anyway, the best price for Apple Mac Pro RAM is what you can afford really as the Mac Pros offer loads of options for memory upgrades and this chart is just a sampling of  the memory upgrade possibilities. With  the new 2010 Apple Mac Pro machines you can use 2GB, 4GB, or even 8GB to get to the maximum memory configurtation at the best price that suits your needs and also considering your specific Mac Pro models as some still take the older 1066 DDR RAM and to make things even more confusing not all Mac Pro’s will use the Max RAM of 64GB. It’s a good place to start to see what specific Mac Pro you have and what Mac Pro processor speed and then do some research on Mac Pro RAM Prices from there.

If you need any help with finding the best Mac Pro RAM Upgrade, feel free to contact me. It’s why I’m here.