Best HP Memory Price

If you’ve been a visitor to ramseeker in the past, it should come as no surprise that I specialize in Apple memory moreso than the PC brands, in part due to the fact that a: I’m drinking the Apple Koolaid and am a true blue Apple fan but also the model numbers and names for most PC desktops and notebooks are quite many, compared to the Apple computers which essentially come in both portable and desktop solutions for consumer and business totaling up the entire Apple computer lineup in just 4 models.

But in 2011, the goal is to change this and widen my scope to include not only HP Memory Prices but Dell, Sony an other computer manufacturers so today I thought it would be a good idea to familiarize myself with the current HP linuep and for today, we’ll start with notebooks, as they tend to be the more popular computer type over desktop models.

The HP notebook lineup in 2011 is currently broken down to 5 different notebook computer types:

Best Priced HP Notebook

HP Mini Netbooks

HP Everyday Notebooks

HP Ultra Portable Notebooks

HP High Performance Notebooks

HP Envy Notebooks

Each and every one of these notebooks can benefit from a computer memory upgrade, and in later articles I want to explore each notebook model from HP seperately and help you find the best deal on a memory upgrade for your HP notebook, but for today what I can do is suggest a few ways to upgrade HP memory and where to get the best price on memory for HP too.

You have three options when it comes to memory upgrades for HP notebooks and desktops. You can buy ram from HP (and boy, will you pay) or you can buy ram from a name brand manufacturer such as Crucial. You’ll still pay more than the cheapest option when it comes to HP RAM upgrades, which is to buy generic RAM, but with the name brand ram you will get the perceived value of buying ram from a reputable name brand memory manufacturer.

My favorite way to save money on HP memory upgrades is to buy generic ram from a trusted third party you can trust. I’ve got a quick list of memory stores in the sidebar that will be happy to not only sell you ram for HP for up to half price, but also offer top notch support if the rare chance you have a problem with your HP RAM.

Generic Memory Upgrades for HP or any other PC manufacturer are my favorite way to save money due to the fact that this ram type is not only half the price you’d pay for name brand memory but the memory is still manufactured to the same exact standards required by HP but without the cost associated with the more expensive and popular name brand memory.

Lastly, if the list of memory stores I list on this page is not enough, you can always buy HP RAM from a much bigger list of only memory stores that will gladly help get you the best price on your next HP Memory Upgrade.